The definition of dislikeable in the dictionary is not capable of being considered pleasant or agreeable.



Isn’t that the point?

It does take time to change routines especially break bad viewing habits. :wink: Today is in it for the long haul.


Dickie, Dickie, Dickie… the Theon Greyjoy of Today. Survives the bloodbath but loses his manhood in the process.


They still called him Dickie. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But how long did it take for viewers to switch to Sunrise when it entered the market I suppose was "dominated"by TODAY back then.


I’m a Tom fan, but is it me, or is he a terrible newsreader? :flushed:


He should be hosting with Georgie and Deb should be reading the news. They can give her a more prominent role with interviews too but that’s the way I would do it.


Why? Just because you think Tom isn’t a good newsreader doesn’t mean he should be given the hosting gig. Deb is a good host. Did you ever watch Weekend Today? Tom was shocking.


I had and I didn’t mind him on it. Can you please stop hating Tom?


Tom isn’t the best but he was way better than Peter Stefanovic.


He’s not good :frowning:


Nine have updated their media resources for Today.

This is the logo


Tom can’t read the autocue for shit and Christine Ahern YELLS AT EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING AND IS DRIVING PEOPLE MAD - even the Herald Sun’s TV critic had a go at her yesterday for it.


TJ on the show today despite being a Thursday


Here comes the inconsistency again


So what? If they consider him to be a drawcard, isn’t better to have him on whenever he’s available?


Just settle on the days he’s working and be done with it


He’s definitely the best member of the team from what I’ve seen this week.


I don’t see why it has to be restrictive. Isn’t better to use him whenever he’s available and it being a good surprise for viewers?