Graphics kinda look similar to 9news now


Refreshed graphics but don’t think this team will work…

Both great hosts/ journalists more suited for Nine News or current affair.


No luck! Same old map…


Graphics were better, a few tweaks, but nothing to rave about. Georgie and Deb were good. Tom is an awful newsreader judging by today’s performance.


To leave Georgie in her existing seat but put her in the middle of the main trio.

I’m hoping that we see bigger changes when the show moves back into the studio, an OB is pretty limiting in terms of presentation and format.


Interesting article.

They should try and get Brad McEwan. He’s likeable, Melbourne viewers know him, resembles Georgie’s husband lol, think he would gel nicely with that team.


I think they should use Jayne Azzopardi as fill in Sydney reporter when Lara Vella isn’t available, given Jayne already works on Today albeit on weekends.

Better solution than having the Brisbane reporter covering Sydney.


To clarify, Tom is presenting sport today… because it is a Tuesday.

I have never seen Crawford on-air, but I have never been a fan of former sports players retiring to present sport on news bulletins. We have two in Brisbane, and they are shocking readers. I would try Rebecca Maddern. I know she has a heavy workload and has a newborn but it wouldn’t hurt to offer. She is a Melbournian, a mum and, having worked in the breakfast slot before, Bec could lure some viewers from Sunrise.

That is actually a great suggestion. He has lived in Sydney previously, so he is less likely to be reluctant to move, and hosted an Olympic recap with Kath Robinson on Ten in the morning, about a decade ago. Plus, Brad would have worked with Deb before, when they were both at Ten.


IF (and I cannot emphasise the IF enough) this is true, why not just keep Tim until such a time as they get someone they really want. Yes, Tony is a Melbourne identity but Tim was well liked from what I can tel online.


Caps from this morning:

They also returned their metro news wrap today:


But at least “breaking news” now scrolls the correct way…


I don’t think it should scroll at all. Too distracting. Just having a small Breaking News tab there is sufficient.


As long as it scrolls to the left. We read left to right in our culture so that’s the way it needs to scroll. If it was a news ticker it couldn’t scroll the way it used to be…


At least every second news item isn’t “BREAKING” anymore too. The title is being reserved for actual breaking news.


Alicia Loxley appeared on the show this morning, l would love to see Jo Hall appear on the show.


This “First for (CITY) News” thing is all well and good, but personally I think it’d be even better if the local news was reserved for local newsbreaks.


Yeah I didn’t think of this when I watched yesterday but this makes a big difference. It just adds some life to the show and stops it looking so artificial.

Brooke is good.


Apparently a disastrous result yesterday.


The figures are on the Mediaweek twitter account, Sunrise nearly 70k in front of Today.

It’s gonna be a long road ahead for them to make any traction in the market moving forward, good luck to them.


Yep, not even up on what they were rating last year and on par with the second lowest figure for 2018. Sunrise was solid too.