The GFX are way better than the god awful ones they had previously.


I actually don’t mind the line-up, if they bring Stevie back for weather I think they have something to work really well against Sunrise with. I would have trialled the 3 host structure myself but risk adverse Nine didn’t want to go that far clearly. Tony Jones is better in this format than as Nine News anchor so hopefully he’ll stick to 3AW and sports fulltime if Peter Hitch ever retires.


I also would’ve tried the 3 hosts, I think it would’ve worked better from a presenting perspective and given them a point of difference.

The graphics and new supers are definitely a step in the right direction, but still need some refinement which they can easily do - the boxy new logo isn’t working IMO.

The biggest surprise this morning was Brooke, I think she did pretty well for her first day and I warmed to her quite quickly after not knowing who she was previously.

Also, the new mic flags are pretty terrible. You can hardly see the Today logo because of all of the white…


I actually think Tony carried the show today. It will be very interesting to see how it goes without him on the desk.

Everyone has tried that though… even Sunrise.

And failed. TBH, can’t see how a Georgie, Deb and Tom trio would be doing any better.


Georgie, Deb and James Bracey/Tim Davies would be the best fit if they went for a trio of hosts.

Tony and Brooke were surprisingly good this morning. Great rapport among the team.


100% agree. Tony was great today.


New to the forum,

I watched from 7.30-8.45 this morning. I thought there was decent chemistry between Deb and Georgie. I reckon it will grow over the tennis and after the event finishes. Brooke was very impressive I thought, but I was confused why Dickie appeared at 8.25 (I think) to conduct a celebrity interview. Shouldn’t that have been Brooke’s chance to introduce her better to the audience?
Tom was on-par with Silvia. I think he can grow. Not a big fan of Tony Jones, but he may grow on me. I don’t understand why he left at 7.30, especially since he hadn’t appeared during the tennis coverage yet. I would’ve preferred if Tim stayed!
The graphics were OK, better than the last package, but not as good as the 2014/15 graphics package (which I quite liked). I do like the new logo (hence, why it is my profile picture!).


Uh oh. If Mitch was still here you would’ve stepped on a landmine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


pre-existing arrangements to host 3AW Mornings


Didn’t know that, thanks!

I think Deb and Georgie have started like Karl and Lisa did. They had chemistry on day one, will end up bring stability to the show and become one of the show’s best duos.


Is Tony Jones doing double duty with today and the tennis? And then Deb still on Fri/sat news? They really overworking everyone


Hardly overworking… they’re very well paid.


Their mental and physical health is more important than how much they’re getting paid


For this week only I think. Regular 3AW mornings host Neil Mitchell should be back next Monday.


Why??? It’s 2019, we can afford our presenters to be a little more casual and relaxed. Open Collar is fine. Unless you are a lawyer or some other profession it’s not needed, I’d argue it isn’t even needed then.


Money can only compensate for so much.

I liked what I saw this morning. The show is so much more watchable without whatshisname.


My biggest problem with what I saw today…the desk is too small. When all 5 were there they were shoulder-to-shoulder. Good thing its just the AO Desk.


Three-way cross:

Cash Giveway:

Horizontal split screen

New desk trio:


How qhickly they forget. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The backdrop is nice, having a window or a live screen behind gives the show much more energy than a large dark studio.