Yes. She’s missing the warm factor that ultimately allowed Mel, Nat, Lisa, Georgie and even Deb to be universally liked in the industry.

Back to Today. I’m curious to see if the five person seating arrangement remains when they head back to Sydney. It looks alright on screen but it’s probably not suitable in the long term, visually.


Well considering TJ lives in Melbourne I doubt that it’ll happen


Peter Hitchener returned from holidays today and appeared on Today this morning.


Fantastic show this morning (from what I saw). In my opinion, the chemistry grew stronger as the show went on ( understandably), so I’m keen to see what’s to come.
Well done GG and Deb on a great debut together.


Deb I find annoying. Way to Serious…


Serious is how it’s supposed to be on a news show?


The most mediocre relaunch I have ever seen. They seem to think Karl was the only problem with the show. Have they had a look at the content? The same over dramatic news all morning about car fires in the garage of a western Sydney apartment block and live crosses every half hour about feeding your kids eggs and peanuts. Can we have more agenda setting news, instead of just following what the newspapers are doing and some low rate crime story from overnight that has no effect on anyone?


I think content changes are coming throughout 2019. I wasn’t expecting entirely too much considering the 2 weeks of OBO. Consultants will tell you that too much at once is a recipe for disaster. Step 1, change your presenters then Step 2, change your content.

A little confused how debuting an entirely new presenting cast is considered a mediocre relaunch. Can you have a bigger change than that?


Unless you are who still think that anything on Nine needs their bashing quality of journalist skills to explain why they are so bad…


Agree to disagree I guess. An “entirely new” (apart from two of them who have been on and off the show for almost the last 10 years) and a squared out today show logo, all exactly the same as previous. Just pretty average to me.


Interesting new look for the male presenters. No more ties.


Male presenters don’t usually wear ties during OB’s. I would expect them to still wear ties once back in the studio.


When the Footy Show revived itself after Eddie returned, ties were also scrapped for the new look Footy Show.

I think it is to take a relaxed approach to the broadcast.


I want to like the graphics evolution but I hate the lower-thirds inconsistency - either go with the shorter straps or stick with the ‘stretch’ ones.


If they were like you say, I don’t think the ratings would be doing too well.

Risk doesn’t necessarily go well in Australian TV, the USA is completely different.

The lower thirds are shocking but I like where they have gone with the title cards. However, I still think they should make the orange square full screen. Not much has changed, but the vibe seems to be a bit better.

Will the presenter change pay off?
Too early to tell, but I think it’s going to be a long road ahead for Today trying to build the audience no matter how good and respected Georgie and Deb are.

I’m not going to say Seven does everything right at times they get it wrong (especially in terms of presentation and Sydney’s news) but this trend of 7 doing something and everyone complains but the others follow the exact path and give so much praise is a stupid growing trend and is double standards.


Judging by the caps posted here, the new look Today graphics aren’t entirely horrible but at the same time, they’re not amazing.

Full verdict will be saved until we see the set on January 28, but for now it seems like a passable enough refresh that should tide them over until (presumably) a far bigger network-wide relaunch when Nine moves from Willoughby to North Sydney.



The SMH obviously didn’t get the mythical memo.


Interestingly, I don’t think anyone’s mentioned the changing of seat arrangement of the team. The newsreader has swapped sides with the sport and entertainment seats (For what reason, I don’t know?).


In case anyone is interested, I managed to record the first hour and half of Today. It’s condensed down to 58 minutes due to no ad breaks.