Well, it already was very white in the past.


Sunrise and Studio 10 is white too. Moving on.



But she’s not part of the team apparently


Brooke has now being credited as a showbiz reporter.


Logos, photos etc may have been updated but the blurbs on the Meet the Team profiles certainly haven’t.


Just checking if the new weekend today crew is on tomorrow


David Campbell is on holidays in Memphis by the look of things in Instagram.

I’d say it will be Allison and Jayne hosting this weekend.


Relaunch tomorrow or Monday?


Monday (if they change much).


Wouldn’t it be exciting if Nine have a complete network re-launch come Monday morning :crazy_face:

Coinciding with their historic first ever broadcast of the Aus Open and a ‘new era’ to have a real crack at reclaiming #1 in 2019

(Of course this is very unlikely to happen I guess)


I hope everyone is resting up over the weekend, ready for relaunch frenzy on Monday morning.

It’s inportant to stay hydrated, keep those fingers limber for instant critiques moments after the show begins.

Remember to pace your outrage and/or excitement, there’ll be so many aspects to cover.

And don’t forget if it isn’t instantaneously perfect it deserves maximum frothing at the mouth anger.

Conversely if you like it you must express your approval with a delight resembling orgasm (if you’ve ever had one)

Now stand by… relaunch in 3, 2, 1


Hopefully there will be a official theme song. I like this one, they should bring this back


I think there may be some minor changes on Monday but any major changes to Today or the network will probably be on 28 Jan…but who knows?!?


Does anyone have a cap of Georgie & deb presenting together from when Deb has filled in in the past?


Still nothing from Tim Gilbert if he is staying at Nine or not.

Nine News Presenters and Reporters

Would be nice, But i’d be happy just with a voiceover returning.


I was thinking that Nine should use this opportunity and extend Today til 10am permanently, even after the Tennis.


Allison Langdon and Jayne Azzopardi are hosting today with Sarah Stewart on News and Tim Davies on Weather.