Or like Sunrise???

I am not denying that replacing Tim with TJ is an attempt to strengthen their Melbourne audience, but is it possible that Tim also didn’t want reduced hours and less $$?


True, I forgot that their did that as I don’t really watch.

Would prefer it to be the news logo over the network one however.


Nothing there looks much different to me. Obviously need to wait and see the whole package.


So will everyone finally accept that because they didn’t farewell Stevie that he must be staying on in some capacity?


Stevie is on the “Meet the team” page so I think some of us assume that he is replacing Natalia on weekdays.


I think so too, however, certain members here were insisting they were doing away with the weather presenter role.


I agree with others here Stevie is definitely staying on Today adding him to ‘meet the team’ confirms it to me.


kudos to the editor for the Tim package on managing to put together clips that never included any former hosts in.


Tim is too Sydney-centric. Tony brings a wealth of AFL knowledge which is needed to boost viewers in Melbourne.


I’m not the biggest fan of Tim Gilbert but I think moving him was wrong. He at least had a good sense of humour on the show. I don’t think Tony will do as well as Tim in that role.



I wouldn’t call it insisting… just pulling you up for assuming (as you do to me). For all you know, Stevie could be staying on as a roving reporter, like Mike Dalton did years ago.

I am not saying he won’t be on weather, just think of some other possibilities. Nothing has been confirmed.


You should watch the Today Show Funny Bits episode 99. Tony is actually pretty funny. I think he’ll be fine.


I was thinking the same thing. Great chemistry with the then team, however I reckon he’ll get along fine with Deb and Tom too.


Can we please have the news ticker or flicker I don’t really mind which one back on the show please?


Website has been fully updated now with new logo.


Sports Tonight maybe …on 10!!!


The T and y blend into the pale background. :-1:



Except no Brooke. its very white otherwise.


Wonder what they are going to do with the old promotional material? Don’t they still have Karl and Lisa hanging up in the corridor?