According to the “Meet the Team” page, Deb is currently co-host of Weekend Today. Who writes this stuff?


Obviously it just hasn’t been updated since, I guess.


That isn’t necessarily confirmed, as has been pointed out, the website is out of date. Plus, Stevie’s role has been unclear since he left the weekday show in 2017.

However, I would love if he would stay on. Stevie seems to be popular with the viewers and can mix reporting with antics. Today, it was good to see him interviewing a meteorologist from BoM and do Entertainment news.


You’d think if Steve wasn’t staying on that they would remove him when they removed Karl, Pete, Sylvia, Tim and Natalia, wouldn’t you? Pretty big sign he’s staying on IMO…


None of the profiles have been updated to reflect new roles in 2019…Georgie’s has her as Sydney newsreader on Fridays and Saturdays and guest host of Today Extra, Tom’s 60 Minutes full time correspondent.
Absolutely ridiculous that profile’s haven’t been updated as yet.


I mean it’s not ideal, but really… most networks or businesses would be the same. This kind of stuff gets overlooked all the time and the OCD in me wishes it was updated too but not a biggie IMO - I doubt that page on the website gets much traffic at all.


Someone has obviously gone “we need to update the meet the team page. We need to add Tom”. That’s all they did, though. Nobody read it to see if it was correct.




It’s going to be a shocker of a week for Tony Jones next week. Assuming he presents sport on Today next Monday, he also has to present 3AW mornings, the Aus Open hosting gig and then (possibly) sport on the 6pm news. That’s a lot of presenting time for one day, let alone for one week.


A Nine spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia on Thursday: 'The feedback on social media has been overwhelmingly positive.

yet they post this rubbish. 2 people’s comments. ffs


I didn’t see the interview, but I imagine the only people “slamming” Lara Vella would be people sympathetic to Anning’s utterly repugnant views. Leave it to the Fail to give oxygen to…people like that.


Nice farewell for Tim from Steve Jacobs this morning with a look back at favourite memories of his time on the show.
Also showed some social media comments wishing him all the best for the future.
Tim thanked everyone including former co-hosts and the shows crew on set for the farewell.
He is off on a road trip with his dad and boys next week.



So he’s the only one Nine execs still liked from the old team so he got a farewell?


Watched quite a bit of Today again this morning and still no promos for the new lineup. They’ve mentioned the AO and the CashCall but that’s it.


I think Tim was universally like by viewers. There has been a lot of outry, regarding him being replaced, since the new team was announced.

Plus, he has been with Today and Weekend Today for 10 years now and was a regular during 2003 and 2004.

Tim also hosted Today’s Agenda today (the first time that the female host hasn’t).


I think it’s more to do with the fact that the other hosts weren’t due back on air before the new started. Tim happened to be scheduled to work so he got a farewell. Also Tim is leaving the network whereas the others aren’t.


Here’s somewhat of a sneak peak of the new on-air graphics.


Are they bringing back the 2006 Nine logo?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Massive farewell for Tim from the looks of it. Shame that they couldn’t do the same for the other cohosts.

If things don’t work out well with Tony Jones doing sport remotely (?) then hopefully they will reconsider Tim.