I’m aware. Thoughts can change, but from what we’ve heard, doesn’t sound promising.



What’s the format?


This is interesting from that article also:

Today will read sport from their Sydney desk on Tuesday – Thursdays with Jones stepping in for big AFL news.


Lol what is the format you’ve seen? We don’t know anything other than the presenters. The old format wasn’t working so what has changed about this new one that won’t work for you? Too many people on this forum who doom things because it isn’t what they think should have happened as if they’re some sort of high paid TV exec.


It’s the MediaSpy way… first criticise, loudly and frequently… demand change… make completely unrealistic suggestions… then be outraged when what you’ve suggested isn’t immediately enacted.

Now, when change does come immediately praise it and enthusiasticly embrace what’s ahead… a week or so later start picking holes in the changes as announced… before launch or shortly thereafter decry the changes as completely wrong/a disaster/the worst thing to befall Australian television…

Cycle starts again.

Hours of forum fun.


A hot take. Utterly worthless, stupid, but hot nonetheless.


Twitter updated IMG_20190109_124932


Why is the lettering sitting outside the pineapple now? It needs to sit inside the square.


Looks a little better with the logo outside the square IMO


Or with no square at all tbh.


So that basically confirms the backdrop is more of a “feature” rather than actually being part of the logo.
This new package could look quite good.


The “meet the team” page on the official website has been updated with Georgie, Deb, Tom, Tony, Richard, Ross, David and Sonia.

Steve Jacobs has been re-added and it appears Natalia has indeed moved on as her profile has been removed.

Brooke isn’t on there yet.


Good move bringing Stevie back. He’s a real asset to the show :+1:


As it’s still a while off before Natalia has her baby, and then her maternity leave, I’m wondering if the plan is for her to return to Weekend Today weather.


It also says Deb will cease Sydney news which we know is incorrect as they’ve said she’ll be continuing on.

Nine News Presenters and Reporters

Am sure the article earlier this week said she would be doing it for a while yet or similar wording. Made it sound like she will leave once they have sorted a replacement.


Exactly. That’s correct.

But by saying Deb will “cease” reading the news. That particular wording sounds immediate, which is incorrect.

Anyway, doesn’t matter. Fact of the matter is that no one really knows what’s going on at the moment. Most will be revealed on Monday but it’ll be a while yet until everything falls in place.


Ian Ross worked six days a week when he was doing Today back in the '90s. He’d read the Saturday evening bulletin and Jim Waley combined his Nightline and Sunday commitments with reading the Sunday night bulletin. Can’t see why Deb couldn’t do the Friday and Saturday bulletins along with Today. She seems to be one of these workaholic types who doesn’t seem to need any down time and makes those of us who do look bad.

Nine News Presenters and Reporters

Yup, I tried to correct David this morning on the site and even linked the 9Honey article but the link got deleted from my comment. His article hasn’t been updated yet to reflect this.