Remember Tim contributing to the show back when Steve Liebmann and Tracy Grimshaw were hosting (around 2004).


How many do we have to go through this? It appears Tony will be doing sports on Today on Mondays and Fridays.

Today is going to be different this year… no individual sports presenter or weather presenter. Tony will probably present a few Sports Talk- like segments with Tom present news and the typical sport segment every day.


“It appears” :joy:


What Do You Think Y’all. This is the official logo Of Today & Today Extra


Gross. Disgusting. Hideous.


I wonder if they do have a Graphics Relaunch that the Today logo will spin around a bit like the Fox News Logo or what Channel Nine did back in 2007 with their 3D logo with the dots on two sides of the cube.


I don’t mind this, it’s better then the orange dome.


Totally agree. Looks hideous.

A circular logo would be 100x better.


Personally i wish they had a Solid version of the 2016 Today logo rather than going for the Square or possibly cubed Logo that they are going for this year.


Looks like a Perfume bottle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all seriousness, I’ve always hated the lowercase logo, looks disgusting, off putting and doesn’t make any since, especially how the “y” awkwardly eclipses the stroke. Uppercase would be much better in my opinion.


Logo looks great. Ya’ll freak out and whinge whenever there’s a presentation change and when that’s not happening, people complain there hasn’t been enough changes.


If the pattern is just used as more of a backdrop, then the logo is fine. Happy they removed the orange part of the current logo.

If the actual new logo is square like that, then I’m not overly thrilled :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe, but people are allowed to have an opinion on presentation changes. In fact, being cynical about presentation changes is one of the major reasons why this forum exists :grinning:


Today from Chanel No. 9. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As time and time before, let’s just wait to see what is happening. Patience people. Getting really tired of people judging things from one image.


It would be really weird for Nine to announce Tony Jones as the Today sports news reader then for him to only do that on Monday and Friday. Why bother making a big deal out of a part-time role.


Brenton Ragless says Nine never formally offered him the role vacated by Karl Stefanovic.

“I expressed my thoughts about the whole thing but there was no formal offer. There’s never actually been any formal offer,” he explained. “The choice was not mine to make and I’m grateful for that.


I really can’t see this new format working. I give it 3-4 months until further changes are made.

It seems too rushed.


But you haven’t even seen it yet.


They didn’t really make a big deal out of it, just enough to attract some audiences from Melbourne. Only Tom is the one featured alongside the main hosts.

I don’t like the logo but I really like those grey rays with the orage tinge in the background.