I would have preferred her over Tom. But then it would have been too many blondes on screen


And the problem would be?

I don’t think appearances is important. It’s about the best talent available for the job. Lara is better than Tom IMO, but I can understand from an experience POV why they chose Tom.

Would’ve been better to have Lara on news and Tom Steinfort on sports. More consistency.


Wouldn’t you have had a meltdown because there were would have been more women than men and complained about a conspiracy against men?


In this current media climate yes its all about hating men. Look how they are going after Sam Burgess now. Agree Tom would have been better on sport but they need that Melbourne connection with not many sports presenters to choose from.


Random thought, considering since 2010 Channel 9 has used the Today show host as their anchors for each Federal Election (2010, 2013 & 2016), do we think Georgie and Deb will host for this years election?

When Mel went from Sunrise, Channel 7 changed from having their Sunrise hosts as anchors for their coverage.


I reckon Nine will probably choose a combination like Peter Overton & Allison Langdon to present their coverage of the State & Federal Elections.


I agree. Wouldn’t be a bad combo either.


Well, you’re full of contradictions. You must be very confused.

What does a footballer who has split from his wife following a sexting scandal that involved a woman who was not his wife, have anything to do with A TV host being dumped for infuriating his colleagues and his bosses?


Hardly “all about hating men” in Burgess’s case. He left his wife one month other the birth of their child following a sexting scandal. He deserves all he gets.


had nothing to do with the sexting scandal. Read the Telegraph on Sunday. It was about family issues stemming from their wedding.


Because the Telegraph always gets it right and is not a dubious gossip rag? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sure. It had nothing to do with footballers playing up.


Because the Telegraph had a 2 page story with all the protagonists and others involved. It was confirmed by multiple people.


Tuesday -


As the Telegraph usually does, as do the Daily Mail, Woman’s Day and New Idea but often turns out to be at best sketchy and at worst blatant lies. Maybe Karl can do an exlusive interview with Burgess for ACA. :wink:


Move on.


Might be something like the Today show in the USA


Agree they should go with a refined on-air look for the next incarnation of the show, smaller supers and more subtle colour pallet would be ideal.


Yes please.


However, can now reveal that Knight was not the first choice for network executives, who had someone else in mind.

“Brenton Ragless was meant to get the gig,” a senior television source said. “But he knocked it back for family reasons so Nine had to go back to the drawing board.”


I usually like Shannon Molloy but this article is recycled garbage, nothing that we didn’t already know.

Move on…