There’s a mental image I didn’t need :sunglasses:


…crying into our cornflakes.

There was a final line but ran out of characters on Twitter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When I turn on the Fetch box I immediately go to whatever channel or app I want to watch. That theory doesn’t work for me, and it’s the same for my radio listening.


What’s the song for this promo?


His account also followed Sir Paul McCartney, but it is unclear if this activity was via Karl or a hacker.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: seriously someone is watching what Karl likes on Instagram? Their stories have dried up now and they are getting desperate.


Obviously they’ve roped in that creepy sports presenter from Melbourne to try and goose the VIC ratings for the relaunch. He’ll be replaced by a permanent in-studio sports presenter in 6 months.


I think the Daily Fail’s stories have always been dried up :joy:


Deb Knight is now on a week off. Her 2GB shift has been filled by Erin Molan and Natalie Peters as she was still due to do the afternoons on 2GB for another 2 weeks.

Peter Overton may have come back from leave a week earlier to allow Deb a short break before she starts her new role. He’s definitely back a lot earlier than he’d usually be.


Liberal cabinet ministers Greg Hunt and Christopher Pyne also stated their social media accounts were hacked when their Twitter feeds ‘liked’ explicit posts. The AFP have not yet released the results of their investigations.


Surely the new Today team would be spending a few days this week rehearsing and doing some dry runs and experimentation with the new format before they go live next week. Burling wouldn’t be silly enough to just throw them all together on the 14th and hope for the best, would he?


And how about some publicity and/or promo shoots where everyone is in the same city.


If Today are going to be broadcasting from the AO for 2 weeks, they’d definitely be getting new set and my guess is they’re just using that strange pineapple logo until the show relaunches on the 14th, where they’ll get a brand new graphics package/logo.


Lara Vella hosting with Tim Gilbert and Lizzie Pearl reading news and Stevie Jacobs is presenting weather again this week.

Alexis Daish is reporting on the Golden Globes Awards this morning.


Today is extended to 10am next week for the Tennis. They are also live into SA and QLD.


You gotta feel for Tim, hosting a show he’s been dumped from without so much as a mention in the press release about the new team that he’s being replaced.


Lara Vella being slammed on Instagram about her interview with Senator Fraser Anning.


I saw her interview on twitter and actually thought she was fantastic.


I don’t think there will be a new set. They’ll probably throw a lick of paint but but thats pretty much it. Hopefully some refreshed Graphics though.


Her questions were very tough but unlike Karl, Lisa etc, she NEVER interrupted the Senator. I was very impressed with Lara.