I’ve been reading a lot on social media and there seems to be a bit of hatred of the new presenting line up. A lot of people saying they want Tim Gilbert back.

Will be interesting to see if the ratings leave them better or worse off.


Hmmm… I’m thinking they need more shots of Melbourne’s Skyline in that promo. Just doesn’t seem to be enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Reminds me of:



That looks gross.


They did this before the 2016 relaunch.

Just some conservatives. :roll_eyes:

That is likely why those chose someone like Tom too; he has an ego to make up for all the boys club.

Plus, I think Tom will be the only one to be on the desk all the time with Georgie and Deb. The others (Brooke, Ross, Tony) will only appear for their respective segments.

I know they haven’t had much time but surely you can do better than that. Why do they need to have a square around the logo? Just the wording and some lighting would have been fine.



Phew. Glad it’s not only NZ media who can make a story out of absolutely nothing!


That logo doesn’t integrate with anything in that promo. It’s as though they’ve lost the master logo and just ripped it straight from Facebook. Bizarre.


poor ol’ “look at me Wilkinson” - gets her daughter to make a smart-arse comment about the reporting of the female presenters’ ages, then pipes up and makes a mountain out of a molehill.


Agreed. She couldn’t have just let Deborah have her time in the spotlight? There’s always an agenda with everything these days.


An agenda to call out sexism?


She didn’t have to make notice of the age thing. Yes, we all saw it, we know they shouldn’t do it but just be happy for Deb and Georgie and let them be congratulated and celebrated. It wasn’t the platform or time to do what she did.


Don’t like that promo to be honest - it doesn’t make any attempt to give people who turned off from Today due to the Stevanovic soap opera or have never watched it a reason why they should return/sample the revamped program.

There really needs to be a bigger hook than “Hey look, we got new presenters and we’re broadcasting from the Australian Open”


I don’t see anything wrong with Lisa’s comments.

Stupid reporting won’t change unless it’s called out.

And it certainly doesn’t detract from Deb’s moment in the sun.

I know I’m able to walk and chew gum at the same time… I’m sure most readers/viewers can too


The logo I don’t get. Here is what I did in just over 30 minutes in MS Powerpoint, using the font used in the promo:

The hardest part was trying to hide their box-like logo. Surely, the aired one cannot be permanent.

I think it is a good promo but not to promote a new team. That is the type of promo that should be airing weekly. To me, it does not allude that the Georgie, Deb, Tom combo is permanent.

Despite a bit of criticism for the female line-up and the removal of hosts, I actually have not read a negative comment directly about Deb being the new host. Surely that is a good sign.


Sorry but that’s not good. I prefer theirs.


Why would they use that? Deb doesn’t even look like she wants to be there. Could have used the one of her in the blue suit smiling further down the page. its also blocking out the name of the show (brand)


Yeah I’ve been surprised how many people like Tim and are annoyed he got the sack too.


first comment here on the Today Show news

In terms of the seemingly rushed announcement for the Aus Open, rather than ratings being a sole focus, could it not just be for cross-promotion/sponsorship/good will/morale?
I mean what better national event for Nine to get a brand new show to launch from.

With the 2 weeks consecutive, the channel number will almost certainly be locked on “9” for the tennis matches, so it’ll most likely be on Today when you turn on the TV in the morning?


I thought something similar. Give the new team a bit of time to bed in before the official ratings period starts.

Anyway, I’m mostly indifferent to Steinfort but thoroughly approve of GG and Deb Knight. Two class acts. I’ll be watching.