Sounding very messy.

No sports reader for 3 days of the week.

David only on Today Extra half the week.

It’s not sounding very consistent. Guess we can only wait and see.


yeah I reckon what they’re doing is making the weekend the focus of the sport, by having reports Friday and Monday with a sports journalist like TJ - the rest of the week, when there’s little live sport, will be Tom’s domain alongside of news. If anything major breaks, they’ll call TJ in.


That could make sense actually because they are saying Tom will be doing more than what Sylvia did… Time well tell l suppose.


Maybe an idea that should do is drop the “Weekend” from Weekend Today and try and sell it as a 7 day a week Today program. There’s no weekday or weekend team. They are all one team.


first time I’ve been accused of that :stuck_out_tongue:


agree with that. It’s a brand. It’s Today. I don’t even like Today Extra. Just call it Today and code it in ratings as Today (Late) instead of the 8-9am hour being coded that way.

And I think they should strengthen the news component by labelling it as National Nine News - so “it’s 8.01 on Today, now here’s Tom with what’s making headlines from National Nine News”

That brand was synonymous with Nine in its heyday. Time for a return imo.


Didn’t this already happen years ago? The opener and graphics make no mention of Weekend Today since at least 2016.


So based on the promo and press releases, 2019 logo

Be interesting to see what package they put with it.


So no more of this image


Maybe to people in Queensland. I always thought she was a fairly average newsreader compared to the people who had filled that role before her- Ian Ross and Eric Walters.



Some old prognostications.


Yet Karl Stefanovic’s age, his children and their ages, his ex-wife and her age, have featured heavily in news coverage of his Today trouble’s. There was no bias in mentioning ages.


They do always point out if they’re a mum or not which is irrelevant to hosting a TV show.


A few things here, one Tom isn’t a host whereas Deb and Georgie are, plus this doesn’t appear to be have come from the press release, looks to be an addition by Newscorp.


No one said it came from Nine?


And perhaps they’re not quite sure, just a little nervous about the all chick thing… so better throw a bloke’s name into the mix just to cover all the bases…


There was no mention of QLD, yes a larger population is in NSW/VIC but I don’t think they are in a position right now to be singling in a specific state saying it “got neglected” They should really be adopting a holistic approach of Australia not just NSW.

The WA/SA issue has been around well before breakfast TV and it will continue to be that way because no one can change a time difference. Yes, Today Perth News is around but they still need a bit of balance like Sunrise.


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