A new promo just aired.

“Join Georgie Gardner and Deb Knight with Tom Steinfort”


Like Tom Steinfort is a selling point? Unless they do profile promos, promoting his international reporting experience…



New promo up this morning:


I honesty don’t know why they are insisting that the Tennis is the thing that will bring viewers in.

Did Sunrise ever receive a boost in numbers during the AO period?


From memory, sunrise used to host from Melbourne park but this actually saw a slump in numbers and they reverted back to Brekky central half way through the open. That was a few years ago and since then have only had the sports presenters at the tennis.


I reckon I like this promo, it’s better than last years one :slightly_smiling_face:


To add more confusion today’s Sunday Herald Sun does say Tony will be presenting sport from Melbourne on Mondays and Fridays.
I don’t know what yesterday’s Herald Sun said because l didn’t read it.


See previous response


It almost sounds like Tom is a third co-host but Nine doesn’t want to recognise him as such because they didn’t want to pay him the big bucks. I don’t remember previous newsreaders being promoted as a selling point for this show. Perhaps Nine realises the lack of a male co-host could alienate some viewers so feel the need to promote his presence.


That’s exactly what I believe they’re doing.


as if they are wanting to make sure they have a male visible in the promotions and it’s not all Georgie and Deb… the hosts of the show.


From what l’ve read along with reading the news he will be more involved with other segments more than Sylvia was but they aren’t calling him the third co-host.


Sharon Ghidella was a pretty big drawcard at Today during the early 2000s.


The comments on here on the new Today hosts vs Facebook comments… wow, there are some angry people!

One of my personal favourites… :joy:

Not a huge fan of two women hosting. You need a man. We’re in serious danger of men becoming extinct on tv. The gender bias is going too far the other way.


Always angry people on social media… Some people just love to be negative constantly about everything in life.


it said exactly that - there was NO mention of Tuesday to Friday


So what’s @killy06 on about then lol


Also to counteract the fact that Nat is effectively the third host now on Sunrise … Sam and Nat host together at least once a fortnight if not more often …
So if something goes wrong or there’s a change for some unforeseen reason, they have raised his profile…


No idea, but this is part of the paywalled article:

“The show, I think, did get Melbourne wrong for a little while there and that is definitely something that can be easily fixed by getting a few people in there who have it at the forefront of their mind and know the city and know what makes it tick.”


As part of the Today revolution, Melbourne journalist Tony Jones will replace Tim Gilbert as the show’s sports presenter. Jones will present sport from Today ’s Melbourne studios on Mondays and Fridays.