Kinda makes Tim Gilbert look a bit silly now after those replies saying people are making stuff up when he actually isn’t coming back after all.


So they’re basically copying NBC’s Today Show


Hopefully they copy that set too :stuck_out_tongue:


As previously stated, I believe the article is meant to read that he’s presenting sport from Monday to Friday. He’ll be doing it from Melbourne all week, alone with Clint on weekends.

They might make reference to our sports studio in Melbourne etc. Sunrise did this with David Brown back in 2006/7.

The main reason to get Tony and Clint on board is to decentralise the show. They have struggled in the Melbourne market for the last 12 months.




I do find it very strange and it seems very forced on Tony and Clint?

Why not just nab Clint and give him the gig in Sydney.

That mean they are doing a split shift 5am-9am then 6pm News?


yep. and the only thing this host did wrong was be male


And what about the rest of Australia? Maybe focus on the whole of Australia rather singling a specific state in.


Agreed, or not have a sports anchor at all, it’s only because Sunrise brought in Mark all those years ago, news anchor could cover that stuff really. Maybe that’s what they’re doing and just having Tony as the ‘sports guy’ to wrap up and talk up the weekend sports events?


I take it you’re looking forward to the scope this will give the show to cover the big issues confronting women in 2019 now that we have an all female presenting team in place- equality, gender pay gap, #metoo movement etc.


Well, we all know that didn’t work on Weekend Today…


majority of producers on breakfast TV are women but was just saying in comparison to the USA one.


Tony is after Hitch’s gig not anything Today related which I find it so left field. I highly doubt he had a choice here. If he was after such a job he would have already got it years back.

Fairly obvious here Alicia is getting Hitch’s job which is the highest rating news bulletin in the country in that being Nine News Melbourne.


That’s what I’m trying to say :slightly_smiling_face:


I strongly doubt Tony Jones will be flying to and from Sydney every week. That’s just ridiculous fake news.


This all feels terribly rushed. If they haven’t had time to shoot new promo photos then they definitely haven’t had time to do camera tests, dress rehearsals, try out new segment/structure ideas etc. There will be changes within 6-12 months for sure.

I would have run two weeks of “AO Today” with a temp team (ie Leila and Cam or similar) and a view to launching the new team on Jan 28th with a big promotional push the night before.

That said, I’m excited to see this team in action. Have long been an advocate for a female duo with male newsreader team and while this wouldn’t have been my pick personally I think the dynamic will work well.


Blowing up the show like this will only result in delivering more viewers to Sunrise. It’s a lot to expect Today viewers to accept change on this scale.


I think Today got it right with this team. Georgie and Deb with Tom will be the focal points and that’s a positive. Yes, Karl and crew were a force to reckon with for years but truthfully once Lisa left Karl’s flaws became too apparent and the show incredibly stale so this change was inevitable.

Format change should be the primary concern now, it doesn’t have to be News Breakfast but it definitely doesn’t need to be as silly as the show had gotten the last several years. Sunrise has found that balance, Today should find it too. Changes in format throughout the year should be expected.


ok, let’s be blunt and honest here. Over 90% of the population lives east of the Great Dividing Range, so yes, there is going to be a bias towards covering NSW/Vic and Queensland because that’s where the majority of Australians live. It just makes sense that when most people live in a specific area, that that area gets more coverage. It’s not like WA and SA are forgotten about, WA even have their own breakouts for local news. If I was Today I’d do the same for SA, except make it 5 minutes at top of hour and bottom of the hour.


A new promo just aired.

“Join Georgie Gardner and Deb Knight with Tom Steinfort”