I don’t think shifting productions is going to solve the problem. Focus on the main problems: Content, chemistry between Karl and Georgie, other presenters, set, graphics.


Some of the presenters are the problem though. They need to utilise more hosts from around Australia. Sunrise do this well.


Sylvia needs to go; ever since she started (no offense) there has been this vibe… Alicia Loxley or Wendy Kingston would be great, but wouldn’t move for family. Deb Knight is obviously the best option.

To be fair, one thing Today does well is its news coverage . They usually have their reporters covering major news items, and these reporters are often first on the scene. Sunrise’s news bulletins are very tabloid- they feature a lot of consumer (petrol, retail, shopping news) stories in the absence of big events. I am always more informed after watching what Today serves up.


Sunday: Pete and Jayne presenting with Mark Burrows on News and Mike Dalton presenting weather


Spot the spelling mistake!


Effected should affected.


It should have been Lost as this is in past tense.


It’s bad enough when he presents Sydney 6pm bulletins but breakfast TV? Good lord, Mark Burrows has the potential to put viewers back to sleep at that time of day!

In the extremely unlikely chance that any of Darren Wick, Mark Calvert & Simon Hobbs are reading: Mark Burrows really needs to stick to what he’s best at - reporting.

Now this would’ve been interesting to see!


Sunday -
Mike Dalton presented weather.


Not the weather, but a sample.


I wish they’d fix the set. Even the backdrop. Make it a live shot of somewhere (like NBC Today). It looks so much more appealing to the eye. I don’t know why Oz can’t do it more.

(And it can be any city. I don’t think people will care that much will they?).


I agree. I love the background used on NBC Today. Something like that would be great, even though they don’t have a street side studio. It just looks better and more…alive


Exactly, it could be Sydney but instead of the camera showing the harbour bridge or opera house it could be Circular Quay showing the morning commute and waters like the picture below (excuse the quality). image


I like it.

Although Melbs could be a point of difference to Sunrise :thinking:


Or perhaps they could have localised backdrops (similar to regional news)?


And as the ratings continue to plummet they can be comforted that “at least we changed the backdrop”. :roll_eyes:


It was just a point of what I’d like to see. I didnt say it with the intention it would improve everything.

Damn Gina. :roll_eyes:


I don’t think making the show even more Sydney centric would help.


Now that’s just unexceptable.


This probably should’ve been mentioned earlier, but despite this year’s ratings for Today I actually wouldn’t be overly surprised if Nine tries to keep their breakfast show (and all their Sydney-based news & current affairs programs, if I’m being honest) as stable as they can for 2019, opting instead to go all out with something big in 2020 when the move from Willoughby to North Sydney happens.

I agree.