It is always great to have Stevie back- he injects an energy that the show seems to be missing. In fact, I would go as far as to say that his absence is one of the reasons why Today has struggled in the ratings since his November 2016 departure.


Apart from the fact they lost Lisa Wilkinson a year ago and ratings nosedived.


I thought Karl and Georgie were in Qantas domestic terminal ?


They were indeed in T3.


I have a feeling Stevie Jacobs will replace Natalia Cooper whilst she is on maternity and eventually return to his role.

Expect Natalia won’t want to travel once she returns and take on a new role or return to her old role as Weekend Today weather presenter.


Saturday -
Jayne co-hosting with Peter and Mark Burrows reading news this morning.
Aislin Kriukelis is presenting the weather from the Nine Telethon in Brisbane.


I hope that this isn’t the team they intend to use whilst Alison is on maternity leave.


Another dismal rating result for Today yesterday again below 200,000.

It was 70,000 behind Sunrise and the lowest in survey rating for 12 years.

So much for the whatever the OB was yesterday drawing viewers to the show - it drove them away.

The number was similar to

While the average audience 7am-9am is only part of the story for the breakfast shows it certainly is the thing that seems to attract headlines.


Hugh Marks is probably regretting playing down the importance of Lisa Wilkinson (or so he should).


Notice how this keeps happening for both shows when they do a roving telecast.


Today had its lowest rating in 12 years yesterday, according to Peter Ford. As you are not supposed to post ratings on Mediaspy, I won’t, so the figure is here:


Additional: Same day last year (which was a few week’s after Lisa left) Today’s audience was 77,000 higher than yesterday.


Where is the audience going, Sunrise or News Breakfast?




I dont know whose idea it was but for me personally, I couldn’t give two hoots about seeing strangers reunite and if anything I found it hard to watch cause I cringe pretty easy.


Mark Burrows does not look at all comfortable
Is he being punished for something he has done? :upside_down_face:


How did they let it come to this? Something should have been done four months into Georgie’s debut. They don’t even promote their hosts anymore in their endtags; it is just generic (perhaps to deceive viewers??)

Get a new EP first and maybe start local news every hour for P.O.D.


I wish we could as well (so we can see how badly some of the other shows out of the top 20 are), but I think there’s an agreement with OzTAM not to show the exact ratings of shows below top 20.


They should move the weekend show to Melbourne and get Rebecca Maddern involved


Precisely. We are bound to protect that agreement with them. Other websites may have different deals but that’s our deal. It’s frustrating, especially when Twitter accounts like MrTVAus seem to openly post data without any restriction.