Is there any particular reason that Jayne Azzopardi is smiling her way through every bulletin? Even when reading the latest on the Melbourne attack, she’s smiling. It’s very strange and off putting.


I thought the same. I understand Today’s a less serious show than news but when there’s a news element incorporated into the show the presenter should treat it as such. Heck even Belinda Russell reads the news seriously these days.



Well, there goes any chances of seeing Jayne Azzopardi do any (much desired, I’d imagine) fill-in presenting on Morning and Sydney 4pm/6pm news bulletins in the immediate future! :confused:

I agree.

Oh really? That’s quite interesting.

I personally still think Belinda Russell is better on reporting than news/weather presenting though.


Who was breathing into the microphone during the minute silence?!


That’s something i’ve noticed as well. Jayne is currently presenting Nine’s special news coverage of Remembrance Day and even when she read the intro of the bulletin, she was smiling and looked like she was trying to restrain herself from laughing. It isn’t acceptable IMO.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t think Jayne’s as good of a presenter as what is often suggested on here. She does have good newsreading skills, no doubt, but she isn’t one of the best at the network.

Nine News Content and Appearance

Weekend Sunrise still won in Melbourne in the main block. It was quite elaborate coverage for something that unfolded 12 hours earlier (except for the raids which a reporter could have adequately covered).

No, sorry. You can watch it on TV next week…

She usually isn’t that bad. I only watched the top today (about the victim of the Terror Attack). Her smiling caught my eye but I put it down to more the outpouring of support from the community (still an odd style I know). Did she continue to do it though?


Belinda has improved immensely over the past 12 months.
I wasn’t watching Today this morning, but have noticed in the past Jayne does seem to be smiling a lot despite reading serious news stories… it’s fine for the fluff stories. That’s the problem l use to have with Belinda Russell and the constant smile while reading serious news stories.


Any idea to what song is used on the play-on for today’s agenda? It is really stuck in my head.


Monday & Tuesday -
Stevie Jacobs is presenting the weather.


Wednesday (14.11.2018): Sylvia Jeffreys is presenting Entertainment this morning as Richard is on assignment.


Today are broadcasting live from Sydney Airport tomorrow morning; very Love Actually/Sunrise esque.

Stevie Jacobs will also be on.


They used the soft set a lot today (a bit of a rareity) for banter, throw to breaks and for the closer. I hope they continue to do so as it will help with their laid back vibes (that Sunrise do so well).


and more dogs.


That Soft Set area is barely getting used on the show. They should present from the Soft Set after say 7.30am or 8am rather than just doing it all from the desk.


Friday (16.11.2018): Karl and Georgie are live from Terminal 3, Sydney Airport in a special event of reuniting Australians. Sylvia is also there to greet the passengers as the enter.

Stevie Jacobs is presenting the weather this morning, live from Sydney International Airport.

Deborah Knight is in the studio and is reading the news this morning.




This screams tacky. I hate the opening lower third when it has the scrolling ticker across the top, ruins any asthetic appeal it had. Also when they put a graphic in the main lower third and then it just ends up squishing all of the text :face_vomiting:


So the grandparents they interviewed around 6:30 were meeting their grandson for the first time. Today missed the point of their own stunt, these people were not being reunited as they had never met before.