Maybe have it clean on 90 with a ticker version on 9 for you.

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Or the other way around. :wink:

Don’t want to seem like I “just agree” with everything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I agree!

So? She’s part of the team and she’s filling in. Pretty standard.

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Thursday (05.12.2019) - Friday (06.12.2019): Brooke Boney is co-hosting with Tom, in addition to her Entertainment duties. Lara Vella is reading the news and Alex Cullen is still on sport.

Stevie is back on weather.


Despite having closed the gap in recent days, Today recorded its lowest result in a month yesterday. Sunrise was more than 90k ahead.

I think that’s Brooke’s fault

I’m pretty sure that’s on her.

It’s just the lack of chemistry this year of the team (GG, Deb, Tom, TJ, Brooke & Stevie). While Karl and Ally will have a lot of chemistry on screen on Jan 6th

I’m honestly expecting Today’s 2020 presenting team to receive similar poor ratings and levels of abuse from the media and the general public that Today’s 2019 presenting team got.


They’ll certainly be under the microscope with every move they make.


News Corp and the Daily CopycatFail

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Is it Alex Cullen’s last day tomorrow?


He is presenting all summer.

@David. Oh okay thanks, I just didn’t know

I thought you might have remembered it since you apparently have the ability to remember the exact dates co-hosts appear on Today and Today Extra.

and every breath they take

with the new voz rating system next year . Does it include regional ratings ?? if so it will be very interesting how today does do next year nation wide

It may be a bit too early to call but I definitely don’t see the show doing well next year, the brand has been damaged too much.

Lets not forget, that the brand itself has suffered for quite some time anyway so bringing back Karl isn’t going to do much anyway.

It would be stupid of Nine to put Deb on news, as great as she is I don’t think she should continue on the show. But then again Nine seems to have no idea in regard to Breakfast TV.


They’ve got to close a 75k gap, which is highly unlikely. Karl and Georgie ended 2018 less than 30k behind Sunrise, which included a few days of winning nationally.

Today is still a distant second when you include regionals. I think they far even worse than with the metro results.

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