Thursday 10 October-

Jess Millward is presenting weather from Brisbane this morning.


It seems that’s all you can talk about. Move on, mate.

I think you’re the one who is confused here, Jimmy simply incorrectly tagged the wrong handle in his tweet using the Aus one rather than the US one as that’s the show he was appearing on - it happens from time to time given they are somewhat similar.

yeah but its escalated

How? By him correcting his tweet and saying he would love to come on the Aussie version sometimes, and Tom, Dickie and Deb replying to the tweet to say he’s welcome anytime?

You sure do have some strange theories sometimes.

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Friday 11 October-

Tim Davies is presenting weather this morning.


Yeah that’s really funny tho. Literally doing what you said they could do when Karl was there; have a laugh with it

I’m surprised that the Twitter handles aren’t branded eg @NBCTodayShow or @NineTodayShow or something like that.

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It’s more lucrative to have the simpler handle on socials.


9’s should just be @9Today IMO. Keep it simple.


Weekend Today has adapted the weekday format where the two hosts and the newsreader alternate the news stories.


Sunrise EP Michael Pell : "I wouldn’t be so arrogant to sit on the sidelines and say, 'This is what I would have done and it would have worked’, but I think [Today] made some very strange decisions…

I watch Sunrise over Today over the years so I am not here to defend Today. And others may have a different opinion but I feel that it is not very gracious to comment about the internal issues related to a rival show. Somehow, I always feel that he just can’t keep his mouth shut. You are currently winning so let’s just focus on maintaining that momentum and mind your own business. And I also can’t help feeling that he got the job in Sunrise directly (or indirectly) due to his ex, Boland.

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Arguably Pell has proven himself in the role and is well and truly out of Boland’s shadow.

Also, it was an interview. He didn’t just offer these comments up freely. He was asked questions and provided answers.


I agree with that observation, that’s the problem with clearing the deck, one loses continuity. Same at work when management decides on dismantling a project team and replaces everyone with nyoobs

I hope Mr Pell doesn’t visit this forum otherwise I will be in trouble LOL. But I will agree that my comment was a bit harsh re him getting the job due to Boland. But I always have this perception that he’s confrontational and cocky.

As MBB said in the Sunrise thread and also as a regular Sunrise viewer, the show hasn’t changed much since the Boland years and is riding in its coat tales. The only major change I’ve seen so far was the replacement of Mel Doyle.

I think there is a certain formula that once you get right, you largely stick to.

Australia has a pretty good formula to be fair. In the UK we get Piers and Brexit every single day.

Monday 14 October-

Georgie is back from holidays this morning.

Stevie Jacobs is also back from holidays.


Lovely to see Sylvia on the show this morning in the studio discussing podcasts with GG and Deb.

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