Fordo should’ve been a permanent co-host

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It’s a Superstar Week on ‘Today’

That’s All Next Week and plenty more when Tom Steinfort returns to ‘Today’ on Monday

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seems they all get dumped while on holiday, thats why someone like Deb doesn’t have many. Always someone there to take your place.

Saturday (14.09.2019) : Tony Jones is presenting sport, live from London for coverage of the Ashes.

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Such a shame that this set lets the team down. It really is the most ugly looking set that Nine has dished up in years.

You think it could the immense size? A couple previous Today sets and Sunrise (by default) were pretty intimate on space.

I wouldn’t say it’s the size, just how it’s been designed. The previous Today sets which also used this same space were 100 times better.


Today’s set is so ugly. I do like the Sunrise set though


It could be this. The studio is massive but they haven’t done a good job of filling/utilizing the space so it seems very sterile.


Tomorrow, Today Show will be shown at a special time at 6am in WA due to live coverage of the Suncorp super Netball

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Sunday 15 September-

Clint Stanway is back presenting sport and in the studio with the team this morning.


Monday 16 September-

Lara Vella is presenting weather and Tony Jones presenting sport from London.

Brooke Boney is back from holidays.

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The man behind the Weekend Today promo

Still think that’s the best promo they’ve put out in donkeys years, why can’t they do something equally as fun and cohesive for the main weekday show?


Have to hope that Sunday’s ratings are not a reflection on the promo - 80,000 behind Sunrise and second worse Sunday number this year. Have to wonder who or what fed into this result.

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The content .

Similar or Different

When I saw the Weekend Today promo over the weekend. I was thinking about the Georgie & Karl promo that they made last January (2018). Was that where they got the idea from

A bit left off field but I reckon Georgie should return back to narrating MAFS to entice more viewers to tune in to The Today show

I don’t see that making any difference whatsoever.

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