Today Extra (Mornings)

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According to The Australian, Sonia was filming segments for The Voice on the day.


Tuesday (19.02.2019): Richard Wilkins is co-hosting with Sonia today, swapping days with David.


Richard is co-hosting with Sonia again this morning.


Sonia & DC are in Studio 22 for a Oscars Editon of Today Extra
Dickie is Live at Hollywood


They’ve, moved back into the shoe-box studio for some reason? Technical difficulties or…?

EDIT: I think this segment was prerecorded. It was an interview with that singer they had on TODAY. Happy to be proven othwerwise.


Singer Tiffany performed live on Today this morning. After the performance, she sat down with David and Sonia in studio 23 to record an interview while Today was still on air (which is a common occurrence). All the live segments were presented from studio 22 today.


As of 11am, Nine News reporter Brett McLeod, along with court reporter Eliza Rugg, have been hosting coverage of the prosecution of Cardinal George Pell. It is still using the Today branding though.



Friday -

Lara Vella co-hosting with David today.


Just from watching the show this morning, I think David and Lara make a better pairing than Sonia and David, to be honest.


Sonia is filming The Voice knockouts this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon.


Today Extra and Morning News were live into Qld this morning and finished at 11am. Kevin Can Wait is now on air.