Today Extra (Mornings)

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I’m guessing that they will start on Monday 28th Jan





Any word if it will stay in the “shoebox” (as I like to call it) or whether it will move into the main Today studio?
I wonder if the during the Studio 22 upgrades whether or not it has become automated. If it has, then Today Extra should move back to Studio 22 (where the show is so much better) and Nine’s Morning News and Nine News Now will move to Studio 23. But with the move to North Sydney in the next year or two I doubt it.


For all we know, they might make this set update versitile such that ACA moves in here too.

And then the regional news moves into studio 23??


I would say it will be systems as usual- based in 23 and do occasional shows in 22. Can’t see them changing it because:

  1. Budget (no-camera crew, less lighting)
  2. They are comfortably in number 2, with a audience that grows in the 10am hour.

Studio 22 won’t become automated BTW. They are moving next year.


Nine News Sydney & Melbourne switched to automation close to a year before receiving their current sets, so I don’t see why the possibility of Today becoming automated before the move to North Sydney should be entirely ruled out.


New look:


Welcome Dickie:


David is co-hosting with Dickie tomorrow and Wednesday. This’ll be interesting.


Sonia is filming The Voice blind auditions at Fox Studios this Wednesday to Saturday, that’s why she is absent from Today Extra for most of this week. I think she is using tomorrow to meet the judges and prepare for the show.


Probably for a coffee.




David and Dickie is like a before and after


I really liked their co-hosting today


Thursday & Friday-
Lara Vella is co- hosting with Richard.


Obviously a weak lead-in never helped, but it shows why the Sonia and David relationship works (better).


:thinking: Because he makes her look good but Dickie drags him down?


I noticed that Nine labelled this show Extra (rather than Today Extra) in the OzTAM ratings. Will have to see if this was a mistake or deliberate. Trying to dissociated from the Today brand?


Amber Sherlock is co-hosting with Richard.