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Sonia probably hadn’t resigned yet when this interview was organised.

Still an oversight though.

Here’s an idea, why can’t Nine get back Kelly Connolly? Is she still active in the media?

Kelly Sloane left the media in 2015, she’s now in consulting and board work.

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With The Morning Show off air yesterday, Today Extra benefited in the ratings, well ahead of Studio 10 in the main block and still strong at 11am.

Extra did well yesterday (Thursday), despite the weak lead-in:


So, doing better now without Sonia.

I reckon they’ll keep Sylvia on


Until she goes on parental leave. Is she still presenting 9 News Watch?

I reckon Sylvia might be better suited to Weekend Today and that role might be better for returning to work sooner after her baby. Allison Langdon returned to that role shortly after giving birth.

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No, thats a mixture of Kate Creedon, Jayne Azzopardi & Belinda Russell.

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Monday 2nd of December -
DC & SJ are in the big Studio. Studio 22


Extra’s last live show for the year is next Wednesday 11th December. They return live in 2020 from February 3rd.

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Thursday 5 December-

Jayne Azzopardi is co-hosting with Richard.


Why can the show come from the good set in the Summer period but the rubbish set the rest of the year?

I’m expecting Weekend Today Saturday to come from the big set then. No excuse.

It’s quite possible they do have an excuse, even if you don’t see one.

Friday 6 December-

Sylvia is back co-hosting with Richard this morning.


And they’re in the smaller studio today


They went into Studio 22 for a segment just after 10.30.
I really hope Today and Today Extra share a studio when they move to North Sydney.

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