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Monday 2nd of December -
DC & SJ are in the big Studio. Studio 22

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Extra’s last live show for the year is next Wednesday 11th December. They return live in 2020 from February 3rd.

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Thursday 5 December-

Jayne Azzopardi is co-hosting with Richard.


Why can the show come from the good set in the Summer period but the rubbish set the rest of the year?

I’m expecting Weekend Today Saturday to come from the big set then. No excuse.

It’s quite possible they do have an excuse, even if you don’t see one.

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Friday 6 December-

Sylvia is back co-hosting with Richard this morning.


And they’re in the smaller studio today


They went into Studio 22 for a segment just after 10.30.
I really hope Today and Today Extra share a studio when they move to North Sydney.


Is this correct?

I see it’s scheduled for this Friday with no label as a summer series like previous years.

Summer Edition of Today Extra starts on Monday 16 December.

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Yeah I thought so.

It’s still scheduled for Friday.

Some states will miss out on the live episode on Friday due to Presidents Cup golf coverage.

Wednesday December 11 -
DC, Sylvia & Davina are in the Big Studio. (Studio 22)


Thursday 12 December-

Today Extra is not airing today due to live coverage of Presidents Cup Golf Tournament.
Returning tomorrow morning for the last live show for 2019,it will be a 90 minute show due to the golf coverage.


Sylvia Jeffreys on maternity leave from tomorrow.

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Who will replace Sylvia? It’ll be pretty hard to find a replacement as Sonia left, Jayne Azzopardi is nearing maternity leave, Deb Knight is becoming Today newsreader and Georgie Gardner is doing Nine News Sydney on Fridays and Saturdays from 2020.

What makes you say tomorrow? Sounds like it was Sylvia’s last day yesterday (when the photo was taken) on what was their last live show for the year…

No one. Today Extra is on hiatus now and Sylvia has finished her stint on the show.

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Still need a replacement for 2020.

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