Today (BREAKING: Karl axed!)


I think the suggestion that Mark was fired from the position is far from true. I think he felt a lot of pressure in the last year- remember Hugh Marks hypocritically said that Karl and Today needs to pick up their game. In the face of rumours to replace Georgie after a difficult year, it is likely he supported her.

Or, perhaps, he was just out of ideas; forced to pick up his game, with a product he thought was decent.


You could be right… maybe I’m just a cynic.

And it may be that Mark is taking the fall for what has been a pretty ordinary year publicity wise, thanks mainly to Karl. Nothing to do with Mark of course but Nine had to be seen to do something,

Truth will out… eventually.


I’d suggest that the EP of Today Extra might get a promotion, but a search finds that Bree Dwyer has only been running that show since June.

Perhaps Simon Hobbs (current Sydney news director) could be another option for the role if Nine wants someone with a track record of success over a number of years to lead Today?


Would be nice to see someone from outside of 9 to give a fresh perspective…but i doubt it.


A former executive producer of Studio 10?


Thursday & Friday -

Lara Vella is also presenting Entertainment.



Friday -
Natalia Cooper came in the studio this morning for her farewell with her now on maternity leave.

Deb also farewelled the show’s EP Mark Calvert in the closer this morning.


Weekend Today’s James Birtles steps in as INTERIM Executive Producer. @mattrobts


Apart from Erin Bouda, are there any producers there from the good old days? They seem to go through producers a lot on breakfast TV. The hours?


Saturday -

Tom Steinfort hosting with Allison.

Mark Burrows presenting news and Stevie Jacobs presenting the weather.


He works with Allison; really accentuates how he was a misfit with Deb.

Steve Burling will move over to Today in the coming weeks.


VERY interesting development


Why so?


Is this even true? Or just speculation?


Whoever takes over Today as EP has a lot of work to do.

The first thing I’d suggest is to ditch Stefanovic and the current 4 presenter format and go with a 3 presenter format like Good Morning America. Have a trio like Deb Knight, Georgie and Tim Gilbert sharing main hosting duties, make it more seamless rather than having distinctive roles.

Then there comes the sets/graphics. Graphics are ok-ish but needs a bit of polish. Set needs to be open and natural, not artificially bland like their current mess. It’s best that they build an apartment style set when they move to North Sydney in 2020.

Content also needs a rework. Less ‘breaking’ news sensationalism and less hyper-local news such as car crashes, housefires etc (or put them later). Start the 5:30 half hour with serious, important news and continue until 7am, and as the hours go by slowly introduce some consumer reports and entertainment reports (citing more on Today Extra), but maintain focus on worthy news and hard hitting interviews. Basically, start off serious, and become lighter as the show progresses (let Today Extra take all the entertainment/consumer news). Also, add traffic reports using local traffic management supplemented with a map of current traffic to bring viewers up to date.

Just my two cents.


That cast sounds awful.

I’d prefer if they went younger and had a fresher cast. People (but maybe not these him) like Tim McMillan.


Although I agree with most of what you’re saying, I’d probably only pick one of GG or Deb to be a main presenter of Today so Nine News Sydney can have at least two high quality newsreaders on a regular basis.

Content wise, I’d really like to see Today introduce short 2-3 minute windows for local news, traffic & weather in at least the five main capital cities, with the possibility of expanding the concept to the Nine Regional/NBN markets in the future.


There’s other options out there even if that requires something similar to what Georgie used to do with working Tuesday-Saturday and having Sunday/Monday off… they could keep Deb on weekends and have someone else filling in on Monday’s…


This is a good team!