Today (BREAKING: Karl axed!)


That’s why l like summer fill in presenters/newsreaders some years as a viewer you discover someone who has talent, of course the networks are also testing who works well and has potential for a future full time role within the networks.


The show creates a promo for Brenton’s appearance but hasn’t made one for the regular team since Jan 22? I don’t get them sometimes.


I expect ratings to hit new lows over the summer. For too long they have treated their audience with contempt and it is finally catching up with them.

The focus over the next fortnight should have been on maintaining as steady a ship as possible. It would have been a great opportunity to demonstrate that the show is about more than just one person but instead they are doing the opposite.


Nine telling viewers to tune in to the opposition :slight_smile:


Annette Sharp is claiming Georgie Gardener has not been invited to the wedding.


Weekend Today have started their summer of both days in studio 23 from today.


Seems Today aren’t in the Festive spirit this year.


They never have the set decorated on December 1. It’s usually the first Monday of December.


For so long people on Media Spy have been crying for TODAY to mix it up and make it less Sydney centric and finally they put someone who’s not from the East Coast and your not happy with it? It’s hard to make a judgement on Brenton as he’s only hosted over summer last year. He seems a genuine and likable guy. With all the controversy over Karl, someone who is mellow won’t be a bad thing. It doesn’t hurt for TODAY to mix it up a bit over summer.

As for your list, Deb will be doing Sydney 6pm news, Tim Davies has no experience in hosting, Stevie Jacobs may be used on weather over the summer break, Charles Croucher may appear on Weekend Today. David Campbell needs holidays eventually and is still a musician.


Deb Knight will be hosting with Brenton Ragless tomorrow on TODAY


With Lara Vella presenting news, Erin Molan presenting sport and Stevie Jacobs presenting weather this week.


New Idea is reporting Sarah Harris is set to replace Georgie Gardner on Today.

If it’s in No Idea it’s guaranteed to be a load of bollocks, unfortunately.


"“One exec is pushing to bring her back to Nine where she started,” they added.

“He thinks they can easily get her out of Studio 10 with the promise of ratings and more money.”

So basically, no. They are trying but its all rumours at this point.


The thing is though, they can continue to replace Karl’s co-host like they have done numerous times since he has been there. But if he isn’t shafted then I don’t see the show ever improving, it needs fresh blood. They continue to ignore the source of there problems.


Yeah I’m not a fan of Ragless either. Too much of a nice guy. Needs to be more opinionated as others have pointed out. Remembering Nine only started using him because Tim McMillan left. If Tim was still with the network that would be his gig.


Yep, get another QLDer on board; that is exactly what the show needs.

Well actually, the team this week are more Sydney-centric than usual with one South Australian.

It will hurt them when they lose more viewers, especially when these viewers won’t return for the start of the ratings year. Obviously, most of you disagree with me, but here in Queensland, a consistent and present team for Seven News has allowed them to reclaim the number 1 title this year- just an apt example. Familiarity is important, particularly at breakfast.

As for Brenton, I didn’t watch this morning and won’t be for a little bit. I am only basing my opinions off what I saw last summer- he is very bland. Undoubtedly, he seems like a genuine guy but is he the best person to fill-in for Karl (from SA or otherwise)… no.

Not everything is correct here.

  • Deb isn’t anchoring 6pm. She is filling-in for Georgie (which wouldn’t be the case if both hosts were not permitted annual leave at the same time).
  • Tim Davies did a stellar job when he co-hosted Today Extra earlier this year. He has also read the news on Today twice. He would be more than capable of co-hosting Weekend Today over summer- even permanently. Remember, before last summer, Brenton had only co-hosted WT once, before he filled in for Karl.

Is there such a thing as too much of a nice guy?

I do agree, that Brenton was only used when Tim quit. However, I didn’t find Tim that fabulous either- better than Ragless but not suitable.


Do some viewers at home really only watch based on where someone was born? The vast majority wouldn’t know and wouldn’t care. It really doesn’t matter.


Personally I don’t really care where breakfast TV presenters come from just as long as they’re competent at their job. But I think the general public really like seeing their own city/state represented on national breakfast TV.

As much as I don’t have much time for Sunrise, one of the very few things they do well is having a mix of presenters that most states can connect with. Natalie Barr & Sam Mac from WA, Mark Beretta from Melbourne (I think), David Koch with his links to the Port Adelaide AFL club and Samantha Armytage with a media history in Sydney & Canberra.

Now let’s compare that to Today. Karl & Sylvia from Queensland, Tim Gilbert & Richard Wilkins from NSW, Natalia Cooper from Perth. Not sure which category to place Georgie Gardner in, because even though she’s originally from WA the majority of her media career (from the early days until now) has mostly been centred around Sydney & NSW. South Australia is only really represented when Brenton fills in while there’s nobody from Victoria, especially bad when Melbourne is one of Nine’s most important markets!

And I’ve only compared the weekday programs! Surely Weekend Today is the most blatantly Sydney-centric breakfast show on Australian TV in its choice of presenters?


“And her serious “agenda” interview every morning is hated by Nine execs.”

I wonder if this is true? I don’t really like it either. The Grill was better cause it was more of a discussion. I do wonder how frustrating it would be to come up with topics for that segment five days a week would be?


Koch made his name in Sydney. Sam Mac is from Adelaide. Natalie Barr has only come to prominence working in Sydney for over twenty years, so who would know she is from Bunbury unless they looked it up on Google like I did.

I think it doesn’t matter.

If Today had Tracy Vo and Stan Grant filling in then there would be comments from Hanson and Abbott supporters.