Today (BREAKING: Karl axed!)


Actually I wouldn’t mind seeing Lara Vella host Dont know who they would pair her with though.


Tim Davies :ok_hand: Maybe not weekdays but certainly good for weekends.


I had to google him forgot who he was lol oh yeah they would be a good pair.


Monday -

Melbourne reporter Lauren Tomasi is presenting the weather this morning.


I wouldn’t mind seeing Leila McKinnon back on the weekday show over Summer tbh.


What even is her role at Nine after leaving Weekend Today and Inside Story finishing up?


Tuesday - Friday

Stevie Jacobs is presenting the weather.


Lara Vella was in the weather.


It looks as though Lara Vella is in Bondi talking about the torrential rainfall happening in NSW


You mean It is Lara Vella talking about the torrential rainfall.


I read an article on ninemsn from Karl Stefanovic sending a stern message to the Liberal Party - Change is coming – the Liberal party has more than a perception problem’

Personally, I can’t stand him and it’s a bit rich coming from him as though he has a good image and a general good perception.


With all the fires in Central QLD and the emergency going on i’m amazed to find Today is not live into QLD this morning.

Just watching Today now in QLD and they’re talking about an emergency alert to evacuate Sarina Beach… this was actually cancelled 15 minutes ago, but of course this is 1 hour delayed coverage providing people old information :roll_eyes:


The clock in the background gives away the fact that this is delayed.


If they do go live, what is the normal process for the extra hour they need to air?

Do they do an extra hour of Today just for Queensland?
or do they show some filler programming?


Usually I think they normally just do an extra hour for QLD.


Haven’t seen them do that for 10 years. QTQ generally pick up with local content of either a local Morning News and/or extend their Afternoon News. TCN rarely fill-it for them.


Whilst the show is going through a rough patch it’s been great to have Stevie back. Already made a lot of difference.


Lara Vella will be presenting in Studio for the next seven weeks.




Lara’s instagram just said 7 weeks in the studio, probably reading news on Today.