Today (BREAKING: Karl axed!)


I’m not even going to read it… the headline is enough.


The Fail and No Idea couldn’t get the date right, let alone anything else.


Major technical difficulties with Today this morning. At the start of the show, after the headlines/opener played, it went straight to Sylvia live in Fiji; with no sign of Karl and Georgie. Sylvia then threw to a break at 5.34am.

The show returned with a wideshot of Karl and Georgie at 5.37am.




Looks normal on Twitter, they probably threw to Sylvia first for the royal tour gossip to get it over and done with then back to the studio to carry on with the rest of the days news.



I think Sylvia was great, opening a show live with no autocue and doing a solid five minutes of ad-libbing is not something most people can do, like Amber Sherlock and some other presenters.


I wouldn’t call it normal to have an A-block not feature the main talent and last only four minutes. Also, they probably would’ve had a couple more solid minutes of Fiji in that half-hour with banter - the remote crew isn’t there to lose money and not get beamed to air.

Sylvia did an amazing job.


Also, The delay can sometimes be 8 seconds. If they were using a dejro I have seen the latency jump from 2.4 seconds to 8 seconds in some crosses.


She is clearly reading an autocue in the clip.

Bit of a weird way to structure it but I’d say it wasn’t a technical issue at all.


No way, she is um-ing and uh-ing.


Yeah, she handled it well but it clearly wasn’t as smooth as you’d expect from an auto cue.

Even if she was using an auto cue that’s not neccesssrily unusual for an OB.

Clearly something happened… you just don’t begin the show that way if you can avoid it. The pre-recoded opener featured the usual hosts and best practice in TV production says you don’t exclude the stars of the show from the opening.

Whatever happened was dealt with effectively… but it would be interesting to know what it was.


It was a technical fault. If there wasn’t (but there was), there is no way that you would start the show this way.


I only watched the first bit and you can clearly see her eyes moving.


10 months since the new Weekend Today team was announced and nothing has been updated on the website.

IN: Allison Langdon, Peter Stefanovic & Jayne Azzopardi
OUT: Deborah Knight & Steve Jacobs


Friday (26.10.2018): Karl went home sick at 6.10am this morning. Deb Knight is now co-hosting with Georgie. Tim Davies is reading the news.


fake news is back!


Does it turn out to be an erectile dysfunction advert as well?


For a second there, I misread the misspelling of “dumbstruck” as “drumstick,” as if I needed to make sense of the words I was reading.

I was going to make a ribald joke to follow on @JBar, but I’ll let it pass.


That’s a shame.