Today (2015-Sept 2020)

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Tom will be in Townsville tomorrow morning


And a fill in will probably present the “rest of the days news” from the studio. AND Tony will be in Melbourne.

They have no idea.

Only one week together and they’ve separated them…

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Seriously? Tony will always be in Melbourne- that won’t be changing anytime soon.

I think Today should be commended for sending one of their hosts onto the ground in Townsville for the flooding. The dam has reached 250% capacity and they are opening the gates overnight and as Today goes to air. It has been flooding for a week with no relief until next weekend. Nine have said that there sttength is news and current affairs and here they are. From a producing perspective, this is key to resonating with the Brisbane audience and solidifying their viewers in that market (particularly if Sunrise don’t have extended coverage).


The separation comment was clearly in reference to Tom not being in studio.

Thought this might be easier for all.

Link = Townsville Floods 2019

Can guarantee if they decided not to send anyone they would be slammed on here.


I know and I still don’t understand it. One of the hosts, IMO, should (and are) being sent to coverage the news event. It has the potential to be as severe as the 2011 Brisbane floods. The press release was clear in saying that the benfit of having Georgie, Deb and Tom is that any one of them can competently cover rolling coverage.

Seconded. I for one am no more likely to watch some sort of Sunrise clone than I am to watch Sunrise itself.

Monday (04.02.2019): With Tom Steinfort covering the Townsville flooding, Georgie and Deb are reading the rest of the day’s news.



Today Perth News:


Don’t like the Orange 9

Better than the clear one that gets lost IMO


Deb and Georgie also reading news and sport this morning.

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Georgie and Deb reading the news is much better than having Tom at the desk umming and arghing. They’re much slicker.

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I noticed there’s no more Today’s Agenda around 8:30

It’s just on Mondays and Sundays now.

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So much inconsistency.