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Seems evolution is an ok strategy for some shows (Today) but not others (7News). I don’t want to start a long to and fro about this, just making an observation from some of the posts.

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As another user put it yesterday, this is more an evolution for Today then a relaunch. And I think that’s all the program needs.
[/quote] I disagree. Technically the show hasn’t revolutionised since January 2012, and all the updates in between have been evolutions. I believe, I expect though it will not happen, Today is also due for a relaunch of standards seen in the past. Today will be in for a tight battle this year, as seen in the ratings, hence IMO another modification won’t help. As long as Today gets new graphics, new logo, completely new set and a modified format, I will be happy. @Read_It_First, when it is closer to Monday, will you be able to tell us a little for what’s in store from your ‘reliable source’?

I think that Today is just a little bit more competitive in the ratings against Sunrise compared to how Seven News is faring against Nine News in the major East Coast markets.

Also, it’s worth remembering that Nine traditionally goes more towards evolutions rather than revolutions of the brand as far as ALL of their news & current affairs programing is concerned…


Well if yesterday’s (and the end of last year’s) ratings are anything to go by, they’re not that far behind. A better lead in has done wonders.

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The minute I find something out I’ll let you know.

I think it’s important, that whatever today does they ensure its a step forward, not a step backwards like Sunrise has just done IMO. That sunrise set may look nice now, but that will not last as long as the last one at all.


Ratings from Tuesday morning - easily the highest number for Today this year AFAIK.

Ratings: MKR tops Tuesday as I’m a Celebrity beats Big Bang

Nine’s Today was on top at breakfast with 344,000 ahead of Seven’s Sunrise with 333,000. Today Early had 236,000 to also beat Sunrise Early on 213,000.

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Ratings from Tuesday morning - easily the highest number for Today this year AFAIK.
[/quote] Well deserved IMO and proves Monday’s tight win by Sunrise was just because of the relaunch. Also high numbers on the weekend, number 1 in a long time if not the first. It certainly will be a tough year in breakfast television.


Agree completely.
For the first time in a long time, Today is starting the year with momentum and that should make sunrise VERY nervous.


Could this finally be the year that Today takes the “Australia’s #1 breakfast program” crown from Sunrise?

Nah, lets not get ahead of ourselves. :slightly_smiling:


Well it is the final thing Nine is missing in becoming Australia’s number 1 news service across all programs lol

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A new promo promoting next week just aired on the show (around 7.45 local time) shows the same logo but with Today, written in white.

Really cool feel good promo.

Hilarious stuff up:flushed:

Today show hosts introduce Bananarama … by playing The Bangles

Today hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson appeared to get two of the biggest girl bands of the 1980s mixed up this morning — right before one of said groups was about to appear on the show.

British chart-toppers Bananarama — of Venus, Love in the First Degreeand Cruel Summer fame — are in the country for a national tour, and were set to appear on Today this morning for a chat with the hosts about their impressive 30-year career.

To whip up some viewer excitement ahead of their interview, Karl and Lisa led the rest of the Today cast in a mass singalong — of Eternal Flame, a 1989 hit for American girl band The Bangles.

yes by the writer of the article themselves - Karl introduced Eternal Flame as “my favourite song from the 80s” as well as Ben from 4BC whose was “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis.

Yes Karl originally thought it was Bananarama who sung it but he was soon corrected by Ben… Lisa had nothing to do with it whatsoever.

Karl Stefanovic ‏@karlstefanovic 59s59 seconds ago

Make sure all you isil bastards tune in Monday. We are giving away heaps of cash and good times. Karl Stefanovic added,

The Daily Telegraph @dailytelegraph
Footage of @karlstefanovic used in new Islamic State propaganda video:

If anyone is interested, the new promo is on the shows Twitter account.

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While I’m sure this rebrand is being done with the very best of intentions, somehow I don’t think that the “Today Extra” branding is going to help the mid-morning program. If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if the infomercials on “Today Extra” (lets be realistic here, there’s a 0% chance of the infomercials being dropped) destroys the credibility of the main news-based breakfast program.


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Team will have an update on some of the changes happening tomorrow.


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[quote=“Read_It_First, post:107, topic:101”]
A new promo promoting next week just aired on the show (around 7.45 local time) shows the same logo but with Today, written in white.
[/quote] Sorry but that new promo reminds me of the 2012-Nov 2013 era. With all the controversy about Today coping Sunrise, I wouldn’t have ditched the blue instead embrace it. I also would have got rid of the sun thing because that is definitely inspired by NBBC Today and Sunrise. Maybe an alarm clock like Wake Up or circular shapes but why revert back to a look that Mark changed himself?