Thank you!

Mics around 0:50 fucked, just like the real broadcast! Either that or she just yells ALL the time!

Also, they still use Windows 7! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Great story otherwise @Puggo19.


That’s my bad - wasn’t getting too close due to social distancing - normally the mic quality is quite good.

Thanks mate!

Can I just say, whatever you think about Ticker’s programs or hosts, it is truly a great operation given the small size of their team, and their studio (which is one floor in case you haven’t realised).

Well done to Ahron and the entire team :+1:


You are doing a great job with a smaller team and no budget.


Thanks mate - 6 News is an ever expanding operation, can’t thank everyone enough (especially those of you on MS) for your support! And we’ll have something exciting to show you next Sunday as well…


Haha thanks mate - no offense taken! Appreciate your support :slight_smile:

How are they sourcing news footage and copy without field crews and journalists? Have they got resourcing deals in place with international wire services? There are a lot of unanswered questions here. How do people outside media junkies know about this service?


They don’t, thus why their streams never break about 20 viewers. Of course as I’ve covered a couple times here, the website proudly states a reach of “over 3 million Australians per month, across the website, app, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn”, which is guaranteed to be bullshit.

Honestly it has all the hallmarks of a pet project funded by deep pockets from some mysterious source (I think we can probably take a guess what kind of source this is, but I wouldn’t dare speculate).


How are Ticker affording to pay all these employees as well as the studio expenses (power, internet, etc.) Surely a small start up like this (especially one only averaging under 10 viewers) isn’t turning large profits.
I don’t hate the idea of Ticker, but it does feel very passion project related and how long can they last before they run out of money?


They must be getting it from somewhere as they are introducing more live programming.

Although i notice Ahron has stopped replying here :frowning:

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Yeah I’m not surprised, he’s probably too busy hosting, running and re-launching Ticker than to worry about what some media spyers from the internet have to say.


Of course. Just thought he might try and defend the network at some point.

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Maybe it’s because a bunch of people on MS (and I’m not saying you @Travis) are giving him and his team shit. Just a thought.

With all due respect it’s an open forum, and you clearly have a bias that you can’t control considering you’ve appeared on Ticker’s programming a number of times and deleted posts in this thread after they’ve generated constructive criticism / critique.

Every critique of the operation in this thread is valid, nobody is attacking him personally. If he doesn’t want to address the critiques provided about his operation, that’s on him and implying that the members of this forum should go easy on him just so we get him participating in the thread is ridiculous.


I completely understand it’s an open forum, and of course I don’t have an issue with people criticising Ticker, but some of the comments (some of which have been deleted by others) are over-the-top and not needed. I’ll leave it there.

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This is great. It won’t happen overnight, but more voices in the media is never a bad thing. Ticker has been been pretty good at breaking news. I/we complain a lot, but for a service that’s only been around for less than a year, they’re certainly punching above their weight

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Knowing how Facebook in particular inflates its video stats, this may very well be possible

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You deleted your own post. I’m all for new media voices, but no service is above criticism just because people involved post here. Rob, for example, is well aware of this and takes it in his stride. The issue are there are some VERY young people involved who I have concerns about being pushed into positions they may not be ready for and could come unstuck and hurt themselves long term.


@blackbox Will this affect the start time of The BRR Show?

Probably not given that the afternoon news starts at 2pm.

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