Thursday 28 July 2022

I agree. I’m not amazed by it either. Most reality finales get higher than that and Neighbours has been on for 37 years. I expected a lot better considering all the love and promotion it’s had recently.

Always remember you stating (a few months back) what was the point in 10 putting neighbours onto the main channel for… as barley anyone would watch. Looks like you got that one wrong again.


10 was streaming… a lot of my friends were watching it via the stream.


Perfect. Well said.

Wow, good to see Neighbours top the list. Much deserved.

The Project 7pm did okay. Micallef’s repeat that followed Neighbours missed the top.20.

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Everyone at my work was talking about it today…even people I wouldn’t have expected.

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Most reality tv finals don’t screen on Thursday, traditionally one of the lowest rating days of the week.

For a show that’s been on for 37 years and the vast majority of last night’s viewers hadn’t watched for decades, in my opinion, it rated exceptionally well.


Yes, I got a phone notification from 10PLAY about it being on stream.

They should have put Neighbours on 730pm from Monday, would have rated better than most other programs.

How did those people stream it if 10 took both 10 and Peach off? (See cap above)

You have to scratch your head and wonder why it took fan demand for Ten to catch up to the UK airing and run it on the main channel in prime time at all. With generations of viewers, a Hollywood star in Guy Pearce in a prominent storyline and interest in the Kylie and Jason cameos you’d think Ten would see the value in promoting it as a major television event deserving of a more high profile time slot.


Because management have rocks in their head that’s why. Only now they realise there was value in the show. It’s like the penny dropped.
You watch, because there was a decent figure for the finale, they will try and milk a short run series or something.

I remember a crew member telling me a while back 10 gave no shits about the show or help in any way. They paid what they had to and that was it.


The question is will people watch a short run series or revival? It’s all well and good that people returned to watch the finale but that doesn’t mean they’ll commit to a return. They would have been watching all along if they cared enough about a full series.

A short run series is less likely to have what people returned for last night. Kylie, Jason, Guy etc.

I don’t think we could know because the show wasn’t on the main channel in recent years. That would be the only indication. I think with the right promotion and budget it could have even as successful as home and away still.
It’s be a gamble. But ten have done weirder things!

I’d rather they leave it to be honest. It finished on form, had a good ending. I hate for them to bring it back for a short series and ruin things. Ie not get renewed for a 2nd series and left on cliffhangers etc. and then of course they left the whole cast still living on the street except for Chloe. They would have to explain where people went and new characters. Then there’s Mike who just purchased No24. He wouldn’t come back for a return so they’d have to break Jane up again assuming she returns.

They should just leave it as is last night. They had plenty of time to save it. They didn’t. They need to live with that decision.


Agree. Look what happened to the Packed to the Rafters reboot. They couldn’t recapture the magic from all those years ago and it failed.


The Neighbours numbers aren’t shown for 10 Peach because of the simulcast on 10. But we do see that Friends ep 3 had 77,000 watching (at 7pm before Neighbours) and Big Bang Theory had 96,000 watching at 9pm when Neighbours finished.

So it somewhat shows that some were still watching the final on 10 Peach, and a majority over on 10.

This is incorrect, I watched the whole finale live on 10 play so it was definitely streaming irrespective of the cap in question.

10 really have to thank the other networks for their promotion as well which no doubt helped ratings. For weeks, and especially in the days leading up, 7, 9 and ABC featured multiple stories across a range of programs.
Given 10 have fewer viewers than 7 and 9 especially, it would’ve exposed many more people to the fact the final was on.


It was an error - if you went directly to the channel stream pages on 10Play (eg; here’s the one for the main channel), it was available.

I know because I watched the finale via the stream.

Heck, the ABC even did something 10 crazily didn’t decide to do and air a retrospective special about Neighbours ending.

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If I’m not mistaken the finale gained a good 6x increase in the audience to a normal episode. So if you want to compare it to reality finals… they dont get that sort of increase.


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