Thursday 22 November 2018

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Was doing about 400k in a 9.30 slot from memory which is solid


Who cares we can all watch the same sort of things on Netflix. Parents just need to turn the channel over.


Outside the top 20.

21 Sunrise
22 Hot Seat 5pm
23 The Conners Episode 2
24 How To Stay Married


Well, it started in the 400s when it premiered after the Bachelor in Paradise finale but by the fourth episode it bombed and was below 300k


Roseanne was airing a lot sooner from memory?
People are not going to wait, days weeks or in this case over a month for The Conners


African gangs. Indigenous ‘Stolen Generation’. My Kitchen Rules with mixed race contestants portrayed a certain way.

News report on young man jailed on terrorism charges in Sydney.

Loads of examples but off topic. All I was trying to say is I don’t watch 7. Have a soft spot for 10. Shame the state they find themselves in with ratings for the last 2 nights. Going to be a long summer.


So that’d be a collapse of 300k or so!?


At just 300k, I don’t think Orange is the New Brown is doing well enough; it’s up on last week when it was against the Bachelorette final. It got off to a good start but the quality quickly faded. Also a poor result for Seven’s premiere movie, ranking about 30th.


Huh? It was definitely a repeat, been on Ten in the past and on 7mate during Pyeongchang.


But unfortunately, not surprising.

Remember the days when networks had big finales and specials during November? Seems like a long time ago now, because they’ve basically given up (throwing the odd bone here and there, but nothing really meaty) after the football grand finals in recent years!

I agree.

The rebrand is a step in the right direction, but programming still remains a major issue for Ten aside from a few key programs - all of which have finished up until next year.

Surely you’d have to add the 2GB/Daily Telegraph worshippers of Western Sydney to this list? Because it’s to my understanding that Seven has a loyal following in that part of the world…

Hate is such a strong word, but I personally have no respect for the elements of Seven that Kubi mentioned.

FTA networks working with News Corp? Nine also do that to some extent, at least for now (long term when the dust settles on the Fairfax merger, who knows).

Personally I want the rebranded 10 to be successful, but only because increased competition benefits the entire industry and pushes everyone to do better.

Yep, Ten have got some alternative programming during Summer (except a week or two around Christmas/New Year) but I’m afraid that most likely won’t cut it against the cricket & tennis.


So, Seven, Nine and Ten must all be pretty disappointed with parts of their Q4 performance? ABC seems to have done the best job across the board, with specials and 7.30 getting some big audiences.

But at least All Together Now and Bride and Prejudice have rated for Seven, no doubt will be renewed and we know Little Big Shots surprisingly wasn’t renweed.

Nine and Ten particularly would have disappointments about 2018, with Ch 9 0.1% off tieing with Ch 7 this time last year and more importantly looks like Nine are going to lose the key demos and pretty much every other metric according to Seven’s releases some weeks back (except nightly news in Sydney and Melbourne and ACA)?

And as for Ten, looks like they’ll come 4th and have their worst year on record, more failures and than success unfortunately. But their limited hits have been hits, especially in key demos, CBS even commissioning one globally.


Super disappointing to see How To Stay Married fall in a heap. It is definitely deserving of a larger audience.

Connors was never going to work and just watch Murphy Brown get absolutely annihilated on Monday night.


Was just about to say that. Other than HYPBA nothing’s really worked on 10 after 8:30 on Monday. Murphy Brown will be no exception.


They probably should have given How To Stay Married the prized HYBPA timeslot for the rest of the year.


And they probably should’ve kept Russell Coight to about now and air it alongside HTSM (make it sitcom night on Mondays after HYPBA).


Sorry meant to say blockbuster movie :wink:


Sorry, but i’d have to disagree with this comment completely. Yes, Seven’s news coverage does lean right on occasions but it ridiculous to say that the channel is solely for looney right wing racists. If i watch the cricket or AFL on Seven, am I dumb and prejudiced?

Seven most certainly aren’t perfect, and I want them to be overtaken by Nine for number 1 network, but I feel that they get unfair criticism on here sometimes. I am certainly not a fanboy, I just feel that the three commercial networks have their fair share if rubbish shows, I acknowledge Seven probably have more than the others. If 10 or Nine did the same thing, I feel that they would have less criticism placed upon them.


You’ll notice the movie was well up on recent Thursdays though.


It was slightly up but it started 30 minutes earlier.


Seven got this one right. It is a serious issue that must be dealt with, but that’s for another topic.