Three News (Newshub replacement)

The market is too small - and FTA has cratered in NZ in such a way that yeah, it would be suicide.


Good move by Stuff to keep Jenna Lynch on. Tova + Jenna will be a political powerhouse, assuming Stuff provides enough support for both of them to do TV well.

Also a good way for the new bulletin to have continuity - with presenter and with the general tone of some of its coverage. The one differentiating thing about 3News and Newshub has long been the tone of its political coverage.


You mean between 1News and Newshub? True that, although after Maiki Sherman’s first poll as pol ed for tvnz the other night she seems to be a fan of the Newshub sensationalist style.

Hopefully, they switch the logo by then to just THREE or a numeral.


Of course journalism is expensive and NZ is a small market, but it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a local 24/7 news channel.

If it had backers or if it was govt funded it could work, but it seems the NZ govt doesn’t want to fund it, which is a shame for NZ taxpayers.

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Totally agree with you. You would think the Adern government would of immediately reinstated TVNZ 7 and it’s funding back in 2017/18 but no they were distracted by RNZ+ and look how that ended. We can only hope a News streaming service in the same vein as ABC News Live/CBS24/7 will come along but it seems highly unlikely.


Award-winning broadcast journalist Lisette Reymer is joining Stuff as Senior Journalist, International and National Affairs, bringing her unrivalled experience to the business where she will work across news products including 6pm.

Winner of 2023’s Best reporter title at the Voyager Media Awards and Best coverage of a news event, Reymer has reported from refugee camps, warzones, coronations and royal funerals, covering most major international news events of the past three years for Newshub.

Her fearless and often personal reporting from Ukraine since the war began in February 2022 has defined her tenure as Newshub’s Europe Correspondent. She has travelled into Ukrainian homes and towns, been embedded with troops and reported from the frontline. Reymer will return to New Zealand shortly after the launch of the new bulletin.

Also joining Stuff is reporter Lucy Thomson, visual journalist Simon Morrow, supervising producers Angus Gillies and Paul Mayow, Tom Bartlett as Chief of Staff - Video and Monique Manson as Social content coordinator.


Just a random thought. Could we see Three News and 1 News swap their respective Australian media partners with these changes. Stuff is partnered to the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age through the Fairfax linkage. With Fairfax now being part of the Nine group could Three News end up partnered with Nine and TVNZ swapping to Channel 7? I dont feel it is a big deal if it were to happen - just interesting.

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I believe they are only content sharing arrangements but maybe!

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Hmm, I feel like much of the new product will be more of the same. Same reporters, producers, and presenters (albeit slimmed down).

It would be in the best interests of Stuff to keep it feeling familiar, especially to begin with.

Any exisiting content sharing agreements would likely rollover from WBD to Stuff but time will tell.


But Sinead Boucher assures us Stuff aren’t entering the linear tv market :rofl:


Interesting choice to keep an international correspondent role around, even if it sounds like they’ll be doing less travelling. Would’ve thought with all the talk of it being a Warner Bros “partnership” that Stuff gets a discounted rate on re-using CNN content. Perhaps not.

Not international correspondent, just international affairs journalist. I doubt she’ll be travelling very much if at all.

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It all came to a head late last week, with a senior Stuff leader launching into an expletive-laden outburst during a meeting of top Stuff and Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) staff.

The flare-up - replete with a couple of rounds of angry F-bombs – comes amid what is understood to be rising costs attached to the 6pm bulletin project.

Stuff unquestionably has topline broadcasting talent coming on board, led by newsreader Samantha Hayes and a growing list of reporters including Newshub political editor Jenna Lynch.

But sources say there are indeed a lot of production-related issues that Stuff has to quickly work through – and some of them are expensive.

That includes the budget for hair, makeup and wardrobe and who other than Hayes that applies to; licences for broadcasting production systems including iNews and AVID; librarians and researchers to help with back-up footage for items, known as ‘B-roll’; and budget to host content on the Newshub website – if it is indeed retained.

It is also understood Stuff has employed – so far, at least – only a handful of camera operators compared with Newshub’s dozen or so.


Do we know if Rebecca Wright is moving to the new bulletin?

But… but… but Stuff aren’t getting into the TV business, right…?


Seemed like a bit of a head-in-the-clouds comment at the time, and it’s proving the case when they’ve realised now they only have 45 days left to set up a 7-days a week non-stop TV operation.


I am surprised they went with 60 minutes on weeknights and 30 minutes on weekends.

I thought they would start with half an hour weekdays and build from there.


They’d better get all this sorted soon, or it’ll end up looking like GB News. I suppose we should give them some credit given Stuff are effectively starting from scratch… these could all be teething problems. Better for them to be flagged now, before anything is broadcast.

Of course, the possiblity exists that the Herald could be exaggerating just a little… after all, they’re Stuff’s main competitor.

I’ve said this multiple times but I don’t understand why they insist on going head to head with 1 News. Half an hour at 7 would make so much more sense.


NZH’s Media Insider saying Simon Shepherd joining NBR - swear he had been reported as joining Stuff.