Three News (Newshub replacement)

looks like they have slightly tweaked the background




Is there a clip of the New York wheelie bins story?


Quiet news week? I can’t believe our new mandatory rubbish bins are making news way down there…

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Sounds like a usual quirky news story before the weather. It is not like it was the top story at 6pm.


Indeed it was - after the sport and before the weather at the last block.

Searching for this also made me realize that Stuff only put part of their bulletin onto their Youtube page, where items like this one is not cut into a shorter news video. There’s also not a full bulletin (live or pre-recorded) available there too, which is something worth considering?


Samantha is not introduced on the bulletin by VO, graphics or herself. Seems odd.

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No livestreaming on stuff either, have to go to Three Now to watch online. Must be part of the terms between WBD and Stuff.


Full July 12th bulletin.

Tonight’s bulletin was interesting. Mitch McCann still remains on the TV3 news as US Corespondent.

Tova O’Brien’s interview with the current Ukraine president was sourced by defunct station Today FM, which she was part of the radio network until its closure in March 2023.

Stuff uses the Taxpayers’ Union-Curia Poll rather than the Reid-Research, previously used by Newshub.

Zane Small’s live cross looks similar; if you see the right side looks like the Flower Street headquarters.

And finally, Lucy Thompson makes her debut as sports presenter, also previousy with Newshub.

But as ThreeNews have been on the air for the week, I’ll be taking a break from uploading daily bulletins as I was tracking to see how further they go and progress with this new eco-system bulletin made by Stuff.

Unfortunately as mentioned, ThreeNews can only be streamed on the ThreeNow platform if it’s live, or catch up with 7 days expires.

It’ll be interesting how things will improve within the next few weeks, if not months.


I believe Mitch is employed by CNN, rather than TV3. This might well have saved his job! Presumably there was some agreement for Stuff to continue to use him as US correspondent.


What was the relevance of this if it’s over a year old?

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It appears (according to LinkedIn at least) that he works for Feature Story News (FSN):

FSN is an agency that provides live reporting and packages for FSN’s global client base on radio and television. Clients include PBS, ITV, Al Jazeera, TV3 New Zealand, CNA Singapore, SABC South Africa, Radio New Zealand, CGTN, and Channel 4.

Hence the 3 connection.


Mitch is with Feature Story News

Snap , @foxyrover


Thanks for these bulletin summaries Horomono. They have been very interesting to follow.


Can they please enable live pause or restart from the beginning for ThreeNews on ThreeNow, such a pet peeve of mine from the app. 1News has been doing this for years.


I’m guessing it’s behind places like Canada.

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I wonder if they will extend tonight’s bulletin due to the Trump Assassination?

It would be a good opportunity to showcase the bulletins adaptability.

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Why would they need to? An hour bulletin is plenty enough to cover it, would be overkill IMO.

Also probably important to note it was an assassination attempt.


I mean to extend it to an hour. It’s only 30 minutes on weekends and i’d imagine most of the bulletin would be about it.

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Only half an hour on weekends :wink:

But given they seemingly failed to acknowledge it on air I would doubt they’d go longer.