The Project


Has someone recorded them at some point? I’d love to watch


First seen Monday 27 July 2015 at approx 10.20 pm during Have You Been Paying Attention? that followed the MasterChef grand final.


This week-

Thursday - Hamish Macdonald co-hosting with Carrie
Friday - Hamish co-hosting with Natarsha Belling…
Looking forward to the banter between Hamish and Tarsh! :joy:


For consistency’s sake (and keeping this thread focused on the AU version), The Project NZ can be discussed here: Newshub (including The Project NZ)


Ah, didn’t realise a thread on The Project NZ was merged into the Newshub thread :slight_smile:


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Newshub (including The Project NZ)

Quick request could one of our awesome cappers please capture the project (AUS) tonight for me, I want to do a side by side comparison between the NZ and AUS version.


Waleed’s wife was on to talk about IWD … and was wrapped up after about three minutes. Mostly guests are on for longer. Rachel Corbett looked as if she couldn’t wait for the segment to be over.


They had sound problems with Susan’s microphine not working. I assume somebody was rushing to get a boom mic over her head and then we couldn’t hear Rachel when it was her turn. I think that might have put them off somewhat.


That “Betrayal and Gorgiveness” was an incredibly powerful segment tonight. And brilliant interviews from Carrie again.


It was good… odd, but good.


Carrie has been doing some good work with interviews. I’m gad that they’re giving her more of these to do.


Steve Price on The Project tonight (I assume) should be interesting.


Seems he will appear


Natarsha Belling is co-hosting with Waleed tonight.


Love Tarsh on this show.


Guy Sebastian is on the panel tonight.


He’s been quite funny especially in the segment on the hilarious bogan Aussie posts on Shannon Noll’s Instagram. :laughing: Someone should give Guy his own variety show.


Just for the record, The Project crawler that is shown each weekday afternoon on TEN.


Every time I see it, I really wish they would update the style of it.