The Project


Agree and I really liked the laid-back style in the closer tonight. The lighting was good and had a Late News feel about it.


For the record


Ed Shereen live was fantastic. Needs to be considered more often.


All was great, if this show was aired at 10pm. Come on, this is a News and Current affairs show. BTW, how well would a late news show look from The Project desk in that configuration. Ten Late News :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Agreed! Late news from The Project set with that style of lighting is stunning!


For fans of Suits, like me, Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman are live on the desk tonight. Looking forward to it.


I’ve never watched the show and don’t know who they are but they were really good interview subjects.

Could have gone on longer but sadly cut short yet again. They need to have these interviews earlier in the show so they can be extended if they go well.


I think you would enjoy it Jbar.


Are people looking for controversy or have they only just worked out that Waleed likes to play Devil’s Advocate to stir people up?


What a non-story. It’s just all fun and games. Smh.


Slow news day. Next


Quite stupid that they do a cross promotion for I’m A Celeb with footage from the show then 10 seconds later run a promo for the show woth the exact same footage. Do they have any idea how to run anything at Ten?


I think we all know the answer to your question.


That new story is just garbage. From what I see of the show banter is always fun and lighthearted. I guess Waleed is sometimes the serious guy but he does have a laugh every now and then. But it’s hard to tell with him sometimes. Well we cant have him laugh during one of his editorials (unless it’s Trump lol)


And then you have the Newscorp media totally flipping out over it. How dare he make a joke about bogans. :laughing:


I’m sure Waleed will cower to the fountain penmanship of a 17 year old columnist


As I rarely watch Ten, last night I was pleasantly surprised to see that The Project aired news headlines of ‘tonight’s news’ at about 10pm. How long have these news updates been airing?


Can’t give a date-estimate but it has been quite a while so far.


More than a year I’d say.


They showed up on WIN immediately after the affiliation swap at the very least.