The Project


Fair enough.

I generally think Van Susteren and Megyn Kelly were good moves for NBC, might bring back some conservatives to the mainstream.

I just don’t get why the right protests Waleed Aly so much. If you don’t like him, don’t watch him. I haven’t graced the Sky News channels in months.


Also as per this study, 23% of voters last election saw fake news on their feeds.


Carrie did an interview with Tziporah Malkah (aka Kate Fischer) before the latter left for South Africa to play I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. That interview will be shown tomorrow.


Good get by TEN/The Project, capatilising on the media interest in her life when she surfaced last year and her current location deep in the African jungle.


Great work from Carrie with that interview with Kate Fischer. She should do more like that.


I really enjoyed the interview. Really intriguing. I hope that we do see her pop up after the show on The Project and Studio 10.


Actually agree… She should do more of these in the future. One on One


I’m sure they had longer ones than that 15 second one back then. I can recall one that heavily promoted James Matheson and Ruby Rose. I remember it because when the show actually aired they were hardly on it and everyone wondered why theg featured so heavily in promos.


It will be interesting to see how it fares ratings-wise over the ditch.


That NZ promo is woeful. Tells me nothing about the show and actually turns me off.

Surely they have been In rehearsals

Why not cut promos from the clips and show me the actual show and content


Looks like the show is live from Sydney tonight, makes sense with Ed Sheeran performing live as they wouldn’t have anywhere to do it inside the Melbourne studios.


Ed Shereen performed live in what they believe is the first live performance on the show ever. Great backdrop for the performance.


In Melbourne tonight. First ever live performance on the project. I liked it. Something the project should do more of if they have a big name.


@cmo doesn’t always have to be a big name,they should use our local talent as well.


The performance looked and sounded great. I’m surprised it has taken them so long to do something like that on the show.


Immediate switch off. It’s not triple j. Hipsters from Newtown don’t watch the project.


Triple J music is not the only local music around.


But generally play weird and obscure shit that mainstream audiences wouldn’t watch. The project isn’t a niche hipster abc music show.


But he wasn’t suggesting playing Triple J music, mate. He said they should play local artists. That could be top 50 music that isn’t played by Triple J. If it’s on the chart then that would be popular.


My bad, saw the extra floor lighting in a video on their Instagram story and thought of Sydney straight away.

Anyway just caught the end of his performance, really liked the vibe. The hosts walking back onto the floor at the end too was good.

More of that please.