The Project


Watching the show tonight for the first time in a little while, but the name supers seem to have been updated - they now animate before disappearing.


On The Yearly with Charlie Pickering tonight Tom Gleeson made a joke about how Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly have both won the Gold Logie and Pickering hasn’t, and Gleeson was starting a campaign for himself, Gleeson, to win the Gold. Pickering has joked a few times about how the other two have won the Gold while he didn’t. I have a feeling it’s not really a joke for him considering how often he mentions it.


How often has he mentioned it? This would have been the first time he has been on air since Waleed won it, wouldn’t it?


Anyone know when The Project wraps for the year? Must be soon. I wish they would go back to airing The Holiday Project like they did a few years ago. It wouldnt cost that much! Its only some pre recorded links. Hell, Studio 10 can pre record shows of 2.5 hours in length!


Pretty sure it is Thursday 22nd.


yep as BBL double header is on the Friday


The difference being that the formula of the project is based on current events - so hard to prerecord something even moderately similar.


@Travis Those pre-recorded shows were always great to watch ,really a best of edition featuring assorted interviews /stories from that year.


Exactly. A Collection of the years best stories, with a couple of live updates from the newsroom. Simple format and maintains the timeslot.


I get thtat, but when they did The Holiday Project in the past, it was a collection of the best stories from the year that was, with 1 or 2 live updates from the Ten Newsroom inserted. Thats not hard and maintains the timeslot for the time it is not live. Ten needs to get out of the habbit of shutting down over xmas IMO.


well BBL is far more superior then The Project ever will be. BBL should trump The Project. Well that was when Ten didn’t have summer sport.


Sure that choice of words is no coincidence


Rachel Corbett is on the panel tonight.


Gorgi Coghlan is co-hosting with Waleed tonight.


Waleed and Georgi face swap


@JBar Gorgi looks like Eurovision winner Conchita!:joy:


The Project returning Monday January 9.


Interesting Project promos at the moment: “Celebrities Delivered Differently” and “Politics Delivered Differently”

I also heard today on SEA hit 90.9 on the Gold Coast quite a lengthy promo for the show too, has anyone heard this on any of the metro stations or is this a SCA regional thing for the NNSW/GC license area?


BTS with the Project audience in short video


Gorgi Coghlan and Hamish Macdonald are hosting this week.