The Project


Short-lived 10 breakfast show


Oh thats right I forgot James Matthisen was on a morning show.


And he’s trying to as well.


Joe Hill did very well.


Good to see Armytage watches The Project.


Next Week:

Monday- Hamish Macdonald hosting with Carrie.


Well, he wasn’t gone for long! :slight_smile:


The problem with The Project is that the good interviews at the end of the show have to be wrapped up and the worse ones seem to drag on. Tonight’s interview seemed to be the latter for me.


Interesting to see Lisa Wilkinson on The Project tonight. Surprised 9 allowed her to appear on a rival network to talk about Dolly magazine.


I think that Today just might have a little soft spot for The Project (or visa versa). From memory, Karl Stefanovic was interviewed for Charlie Pickering’s farewell package a couple of years ago! :slight_smile:


Maybe Nine are trying to poach it again.


She has also appeared on ABC’s Q&A.


ABC is a different story to a commercial network.


Anyone got caps of her on the show?


A clip of the interview has been posted on social media:


Considering Lisa’s association with the magazine and it being such a important part of her career(her first job and spending 7 years working on the magazine ,5 years as editor) she wanted to speak about it and obviously she had permission from Nine for this is actually great she was allowed to appear on the show and lovely to hear Carrie’s great respect for Lisa.


That was my favourite part TBH.


It’s a great marketing opportunity for Nine to have their personalities appearing on a young-skewing primetime show on another network.

Far better to have her on Ten spreading her brand than on ACA at the same time. And Ten doesn’t mind because they don’t compete against Today anyway.


Hamish Macdonald hosting with Gorgi tonight.

Waleed is attending Walkley Awards he and Tom Whitty are nominated for two awards tonight… Good Luck to them!


Tuesday- Gorgi hosting with Waleed.

Wednesday- @Travis Jo Casamento is on the panel! :joy:

Thursday- Tom Ballard hosting with Carrie.