The Project


And thus re-instate my preferred title of The 7PM Project. To this day I still hear people refer to it as that.


Tom Ballard hosting with Carrie tonight.


Just caught an ad for tonight. Is the Project on for an hour and a half tonight?


Yes saw that too with the line up:


Do you think its just a mistake?


No mention on shows Facebook or twitter about tonight’s extended show…which is strange.


@turdall The Tenplay guide has two Attenborough episodes at 7:30 and 8:00pm, so probably a mistake.


Thanks, I thought so but thought they might want to extend with all the buzz about Paris Hilton live at the desk :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the promo was mainly about the season final of Natural Curiosities being at 8pm but as it is a 30 minute show, there is still an episode before - will have to pay more attention next time.


Buzz? It’s 2016 not 2006. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I saw her picture on display at Chemist Warehouse (I shop at all the best establishments), she must be on The Project to flog whatever perfume she’s put her name to?

Must admit when I saw the picture I wondered who would even care… her fan base have probably moved on to the Kardashians or some other faux celebrity.


I wonder if the slapper will catch up with Rob Mills during this trip.


According to w/m…


Haha I know I was clearly making fun of it. Who knows though her interview might be more in depth than Trumps. Just remember stars are blind…


How about NO. Rob Mills must get sick of people constantly flaming the embers of that long ago, one night stand.

Former Australian Idol contestant Rob Mills lands Neighbours role, wont catch up with Paris Hilton
Herald Sun


She is here as a DJ, she is touring the country.


I wonder if she can actually mix or she calling herself a DJ pressing the cue, play and pause buttons after each song is nearly ended.


Ryan Fitzgerald asked Paris Hilton about Millsy but she said she didn’t know who he was.


She intentionally blanked him. Fitzy told listeners on the Fitzy & Wippa show this morning that afterwards she told him that she obviously does knows who he is. It didn’t work out between them so now her standard response always is “Who? I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

And there’s a twist to the story. A little earlier there was a lady in the audience who has been battling cancer and at the end of the conversation her boyfriend proposed to her. Paris Hilton was moved by the story and asked for a selfie with them.

While taking the photo, there was a woman behind them who was trying to hide and not be in the shot. The women rang the show this morning and explained that coincidentally she was the mother of Rob Mills and she was desperately trying to stay out of the photo with Paris Hilton. :laughing:

Apparently she went along to be in the audience of the show and had no idea she was going to be a guest. When she heard about she thought it might have been some sort of gee up. Then she was mortified when she ended up in a photo with her. :laughing:

Regarding Millsy and Paris, she said that it happened 13 years ago when her son was 21. She said people do things when they are young and wild and she herself did a few crazy things at that age. But she is staggered that people still keep bringing this up all the time, considering how hard he has worked since then on stage and screen and he’s just started with a part on Neighbours.


The Project 6:30PM rated less than Family Feud & The Bold and the Beautiful yesterday. :open_mouth: