The Project



A brief twitter handle to start then not much screen clutter

Short commentary returning from breaks


Steve Price is hardly the type to be coerced into saying anything he wouldn’t want to.


Surprised they haven’t used a solid TEN logo to cover up the CBS one like they usually do for Late Show etc.


Surprised they stuck with Tommy Little instead of Steve Price.


Assume he has a radio show to get to / prepare for?


WIN had one for a few seconds but disappeared back to the original spot


Hamish must be back in Australia permanently… he seems to be sticking around.


Late News revival , Ten :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes please but without MacDonald.


Hamish + Tarsh = The Sydney Project in 2017 please.


… and yeah WIN could do six 1 hour regional versions based out of the capital cities and have eight minutes of local news with a difference.

It’ll never happen.


Yawn. Boring.


The last I checked, The Project is generally 4th in the Sydney ratings at 7pm behind ACA, ABC News and Home & Away. I’m not so sure about the Sydney ratings of The Project’s 6.30pm portion, but I suspect that it gets absolutely smashed by the 2nd half of Seven and Nine’s news bulletins.

Personally I’d suggest continuing with the odd week or two of shows presented in Sydney throughout 2017. While they’re up here, Ten/Roving Productions should probably also consider getting Carrie, Waleed and Pete to do some interviews on local radio and the papers to generate some interest in the program amongst the many Sydneysiders who don’t regularly watch the show at the moment.

Personally I’d prefer a Sydney edition of The Project (yes, I’ll always fly the flag for quality non-news local TV just for Sydney) but the chances of that happening anytime soon are slim to none of course.


Some info from News Ltd about what Ten’s CBS output deals mean for 60 Minutes US stories.

Channel 10s interview with Donald Trump beats The X Factor and RBT in last night’s ratings

While in the past Nine has had first dibs to 60 Minutes content but relinquished the rights several years ago, allowing Ten to cherrypick Trump’s first interview since being announced as the next US President.

In a major surprise, Ten aired the Trump interview despite the fact that rival Nine produces the Australian version of 60 Minutes.

And the success of the program for Ten will no doubt be a bitter pill for Nine to swallow, given it went on the record last week saying it was a “big possibility” that the segment would air this Sunday.

This is the first time that Ten has screened a US 60 Minutes program in full in prime time, and it might not be its last.

“We have the output deal with CBS for all of their programming and therefore their content,” a Ten spokeswoman said.

“Although Nine own the 60 Minutes brand in Australia they do not have a deal with CBS for the American 60 Minutes content.”


Nah, Tarsh and Hamish for The Weekend Project in 2016. Saturday and Sunday nights.


Didn’t they try The Project on Sundays, didn’t really work did it? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it might now with Family Feud also 6 days a week.


Ten tried a few years ago to use 60minutes content on their own show called revealed with Hugh riminton. Was usually two US stories plus one Aussie story produced by the news department. Wasn’t a bad show. Of course it received no promotion and it flopped.


A 9:30pm Thursday timeslot did it no favours.


Here’s an idea. If Seven brought back Today Tonight at 7pm next year and showed Home & Away at 7.30pm.

Then Ten could consider running The Project from 7pm to 8pm to line up their schedules.

They would just need to find another program for 6.30pm. Neighbours or something completely new?