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Steve Price makes his living insulting and humiliating people but when the tables are supposedly turned it’s an outrage? ha.


exactly. Steve Price is hardly a shrinking violet. He has based his career about being outspoken, ill-mannered and controversial. When the shoe’s on the other foot oh all of a sudden it’s ‘poor Steve’.

Again I don’t condone all that the female guest did but Steve is a big boy and a petition that he’s been hard done by is a bit rich.

the show was watched by, what, 600,000-700,000 people? More if you include regional viewers and those that saw the late night replay. So 15,000 is a drop in the ocean.


Jamila said on twitter later that night she was on the show to be interviewed not him (Price.)
Price has had many fiery discussions with many people on the show including quite a few with Carrie.
Yes Jamila shouldnt have used the word bullshit,but the question was directed at her and Price interrupted her.So she was straight on the defensive with him and of course Steve hates that.
It is not the first time Price has had a heated exchange with someone and it won’t be the last either.
He certainly doesn’t deserve an apology,some people seem to forget this show is about discussing news of the day and not everyone on the panel is always going to have the same opinions about whatever topics they are discussing at the time.
Regular viewers of this show will know Price hates his opinions being questioned and very often interrupts others on the panel to have his voice heard.
OMG with the world we now live in this heated discussion has been turned into 15,000 people (obviously Trump supporters) demanding an apology, those people who signed this petition need to open there eyes to the more serious issues in this world!


So this is the one that will air after the project on Monday right?


As far as I know.


Exactly. It was nothing new. IMO Jamila’s only error was swearing… She, like many, could learn a thing or three from the master of handling Price, Gretel Killeen.


Yes it is.


Here’s the video for anyone that missed it. I don’t really see how Steve is in the wrong, he didn’t interrupt or talk over Jamila when he put in his opinion, she is the one that jumped on the offensive and carried on like a pork chop. But he certainly doesn’t deserve an apology, it’s a panel show, people are going to have different opinions. His ribbing at the end may have been a bit too far, but in the heat of the moment and the way she was carrying on, I’m not really surprised.


Now having watched the interview, I think they were both in the wrong. I think Price was well in truly in his right to speak and contribute to the panel up (like Gretel did at the end) until he said the “people like you” comment. And as for Rizvi, it is not necessary to swear in general conversation.

On another note, how good is Gretel?


Wow smite thee down with the clicking power of an entire outback town.


Waleed is back hosting with Tarsh Belling tonight. It’s been a busy day for Tarsh she also hosted Studio 10 this morning.
Also Tommy Little is filling in for Pete.


More Tarsh- the better, I say.


Seen during tonight’s news


Steve Price just made a statement at the top of the show where he said he wasn’t bullied, he didn’t ask anyone to start a petition on his behalf, he’s a big boy who can look after himself and there is no need for anyone from The Project to apologise to him.


Steve said tonight he has heard about this petition he basically said he doesn’t feel he was bullied and The Project doesn’t owe him an apology and he can look after himself.


Yes all those online loonies have been told. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s the quote. Steve Price: “I don’t feel I was bullied at all. No one on The Project owes me an apology for anything. I’m a big boy and I can look after myself.”


That was quick.

Price: ‘I’m a big boy, I can look after myself’


I have a bit of a soft spot for Steve even though I dont agree with all his views.


It’s his only TV spot, of course he is going to say that. Wouldn’t want to loose it.


I dont think that is a fair thing to say.