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You can’t win with him.
He has clearly blamed members of the government for the attack and that is a disgusting thing to do by him. Just like it’s disgusting for Fraser Anning to blame muslims for the attack. No different.

“don’t change your tune now” - ok, what would you rarther Waleed? The opposite?


Sounds like you just want everyone to agree with Andrew Bolt who is much dangerous with his opinions then Waleed. That’s fact.
Anyway back to the topic at hand …


The PM’s office has contacted The Project to deny the 2011 report on comments he has alleged to have made within a shadow cabinet meeting which Waleed Aly said in his editorial as if they were on the record comments. I wonder if we will see Waleed retract that statement and apologise on air? Or will he shy away and play the victim? Hmm

Now is not the time for fear or blaming people other than people directly involved in this horrendously disgusting crime. Airing un true comments as if they are true by our Prime Minister in an attempt to make a political point is deplorable and will only spread anger and fear. It already has unfortunately.


Well that’s the thing. Journalism is now opinion pieces pretty much telling people what to think and feel, we should work that stuff out ourselves with unbiased reporting. That’s what fuels the extreme right and left. The guy who did they told people to subscribe to Pewdie Pie in his vid.


Morrison was given an opportunity in 2011 to respond to the story but declined.


What were you watching ? I didn’t get that from his editorial at all. You probably just picked a certain bit of it and twisted it.
If you wanna have an intelligent discussion fine but don’t twist an editorial suit your agenda of Waleed bashing .


an editorial that was 2 minutes out of a 60 minute program and was hardly “telling us what to think”. And news outlets running editorials or commentary is not exactly new. Newspapers have been doing it for over 100 years. Talkback radio is more opinion than journalism, and then there’s Sky News…

Is this just a problem because it’s Waleed Aly?


Just in general.

Media over sensationalizes everything now with click bait headlines to cause outrage and 24 hour news coverage. I hate when I read an article along the lines of “this is powerful and this is why…” don’t tell me what to think. It’s almost like the media and the government are brainwashing us all. No wonder there is so much depression and anxiety now.


Sunday -

Hamish Macdonald will be reporting from Christchurch.


I know that many might not agree with Waleed or anything he says but his editorial has caused some buzz amongst the youth. Many of my friends are posting his editorial on social media and just like the ones on bullying he did a while ago, they considered to be inspirational and they liked it a lot. I suppose that’s the effect 10 wanted from these editorials and that is to attract the younger demos not just to the channel, but also on the issues in the real world.

Just my two cents.


Waleed’s editorial piece has to date been viewed 7.3 million times on Facebook with 161,000 shares and 3.4 million times on Twitter with 42,500 shares since it aired on Friday night.

Overwhelming the response is positive with a lot of compassion and messages of support, you can’t deny the pulling power that this show has sometimes to resonate with people even if the overnight figures are fairly soft at the moment.


That is point here these editorial’s always gather huge attention on social media, whether you agree with the opinions being voiced or not.


Perhaps the show needs more editorial content that goes viral… it will help to market the show.
It’s a great program and deserves better figures than it currently achieves.




Because, like your username, it’s national news.


You can make all the lefty love-in, viral videos you like - that doesn’t mean it’s going to rate.


Good to see theyvsent Hamish over. He’s a good story teller and when the project is doing original reporting it’s at its best.


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