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Lisa Wilkinson: ’ … what the Hell’. Holds her mouth. 'I’ve blasphemed!.

You did not blaspheme Lisa, certainly not in anyway offensive to a Christian, Jew or Muslim. Maybe a satanist was offended?


I know some stitched up Christians who would certainly be offended by “what the hell do you talk to the pope about” which was where she was going.


Can someone please tell 10 that the F1 race is scheduled to finish at 6.10pm, if there are no red flags or lengthy safety car periods. As couple years ago at Albert Park, the race went for almost exactly 2 hours rather than the usual 90 minute they get too.


Tuesday -

Former co-host Charlie Pickering is a guest tonight.


The Sunday Project is live & trackside at the Australian Grand Prix this week.


It was last year too, wasn’t it?


It was live from Australian Grand Prix last year, but from a (VIP?) marquee.


Friday -

Susie Youssef and Dave Thornton joining Waleed and Gorgi tonight.


Hopefully they sort out some of the issues last years had.


If Ten and The Project want their ratings to be up, they need to stop promoting their final guests at 7.23pm, by showing a pre-package segment of the following guest that goes for 4 minutes, and then ask the guest 2 questions and realise they have NO time to listen to their answers as they have ran out of time.


Brief promo for tonight


They have been doing similar updates for about 2 weeks now. I think they are quite sensationalist.


Could that text get any bigger ?


I think they’re intentionally in your face and a little brash to get your attention.

“News delivered differently”


Nice and big is perfect with my bad eyesight :joy:


Perfect for those who are blind as a bat such as myself.



Of course. It wouldn’t be a day of terror in the world without an editorial from Waleed. The show is not his own personal soapbox. Massive turn off when they let him do this.


I don’t get it what does Waleed do to specifically to piss you off ? :balloon:

He does get a bit annoying but his editorials aren’t bad . He certainly made some good points tonight.


This particular issue aside, it is no different from an opinion piece in a newspaper, on the front page of a newspaper no less. It is no different from a ther edotorials. It is not a straight news show so if it belongs anywhere then it is here.