The Project


Sorry buds o was meaning to quote your post but I re looked at it and it was news weary I’ll change it


Sunday -

Susie Youssef joining Tommy, Hamish and Lisa.

Wednesday -

Yvie Jones is on the panel.


Good interview from Lisa tonight with Julia Banks. The right wing freaks at sky news will be gearing up to put the boot into her.



Im watching the repeat now, they showed someone throwing up on TV! Was it blurred on the earlier version?


Yes it was pixelated.


So it was obviously a prerecorded segment.


They also stated it had happened earlier.


The Sunday Project moves to 6pm this week.


Given the low ratings inal the time slots moving it forward makes sense so that primetime can start at 7pm. It will all fail but at least it’s in line with the other networks. Not much ten can do or put there to even compete.


That means it will get a big lead-in from F1 in Sydney and Melbourne this Sunday.


Smart this weekend, going forward it won’t do as well.


Yep, it is going to struggle. There is a reason why the 6.30 numbers (Sunday - Friday) are so low.


But The Sunday Project is hardly rating through the roof anyway, 7pm starts is a better idea for Sunday programming on 10.


They tried 7pm- doesn’t work. Starting at 6.30, gives them time to build numbers by 7pm.

And, don’t forget that The Sunday Project was the number 1 show on 10 last night.


With still dysmal figures


Well air 6pm news then 6.30 primetime programming then, but I’d argue the news on the other networks would kill their chances then.


At least they’re doing something.


Wouldn’t they be better to do local versions of Ten News at 6pm (on the back of the Grand Prix) then do Chris and Julia . . . surely 10 News could do more than what The Project is doing currently! I know Ten can’t compete with 7 and 9 News, but in this instance, and in terms of audience potential . .


In response to the idea of a 90 minute Project. Could they possibly look at keeping the longer investigative stories (say 10-15 minutes) and airing at the beginning of the show.

For example:
6:00-6:05 News Headlines
6:05-6:20 Main Story
6:20-6:35 Main Guest Interview (have it as a longer interview)
6:35 News Headlines…