The Project


Oh wow. Perfect opportunity to have a panel of women like Studio 10 did. Wish Meshel was on.


Meshel co-hosting with Gorgi would’ve been good with a female comedian like Susie Youssef.


Would have been amazing seeing an all female panel. Another example of 10 playing safe.


I think I said this last year- for a very progressive show, I am surprised that they always stick to the male/female hosting line-up.

Meshel hasn’t been on for a while. I think she has personal issues (if I recall what she said on Twitter).


She was last on with Becky Lucas and she got grilled on Twitter by the way she treated her apparently but what people saw on TV wasnt like that on set.


They have had an all female panel for Women’s Day at least once some years ago. Yes, a pity it doesn’t happen a lot more often.


They’ve had an all female panel on Studio 10 and they’re having an all female Neighbours. It is possible to acknowledge the significance of the day without alienating the male segment of the audience. Did Seven or Nine indulge in the all female gimmick? Perhaps they value all their viewers equally. Not a very smart move by Ten to be taking the male audience for granted for even one day when they’re struggling to get out of single digits most days, but we’ve come to expect Ten execs to make dumb decisions lately.


It did come across as if she was hassling her, maybe on the verge of bullying. Maybe they are good mates and usually take the piss out of each other but it didn’t look like that on the show. Because it was Becky’s first time and she was a bit nervous, she didn’t look that comfortable. It looked very one sided and didn’t make Meshel look good.


There is an International Mens Day in September… :eyes:


I’ll look forward to the all male panel on Studio 10, the all male episode of Neighbours and entire segment of The Project that maligns females.


I don’t know if they did anything for International Women’s Day, but hasn’t Nine News Sydney quite un-controversially had an all female presenting team on Friday (and Saturday) nights for some time now?


Who was maligned and how?


I don’t remember this.





That’s called The Footy Show


how can it be if there is a female on it.


Yeah, my memory might be failing me and it was actually for Mother’s Day.


There are 364 other days of the year they could still do it. It doesn’t have to be a “stunt”

And remember the outrage when ABC did it with the news across the board last year or maybe the year before? It got the usual critics all bothered


I never saw an issue with the all female hosts on abc last year so why is it an issue again this year for some critics the project has done it?

Come on we are not in the 1950s. This is good to celebrate woman and their impact on society and in positions that allows them equal to be on the same page as men (well we still have a way to go with the wage gap)

Studio 10 did a marvellous job today I’m watching today’s episode right now.


dont quote me, i never said it