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Hilarious how Pricey copped the paper in the face. :joy:


Doesn’t Natasha work in business or something ? I did read. Maybe she is happy with what she’s doing .
I don’t think ten need to hire her for any roles at the network.


Twitter updated


Naughty boy Tommy threw the paper at him :rofl:


Probably a sign that the promos will start airing tonight (if they haven’t already)?


Just going on a totally random idea here - given the weakness of Today at the moment, and Ten’s lack of breakfast show, maybe it’d be a good idea that Ten can consider doing a morning version of Project? Surely, the ratings won’t be much worse off than their primetime? And the chemistry between most of the hosts have already been established.

Just a thought - don’t bite my head off :slight_smile:


Carrie was at the opening event of Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival on Monday night, and told the Herald Sun she was not sure when she would return to TV, because The Project’s timeslot is when she has to take her kids to bed.


I wonder how the network feels about that. Surely she doesn’t have unlimited maternity leave. Could it be the end of her time on The Project? Doesn’t sound like she is really thrilled to go back, unlike her radio commitments.


A totally random idea that has already been suggested on this forum about 50 million times. :stuck_out_tongue:

Studio 10 is doing its best impression of The Project in the mornings and not threatening Today (or anyone) in the ratings so far.


With Lisa and Gorgi available it makes it easier if Carrie wants to extend her maternity leave.
Radio is a bit easier as she is doing her radio show in the afternoons from her home.


Gee you can count very well :stuck_out_tongue:


I think we will see Carrie back, she is entitled to take her time with maternity leave and I would imagine there is no immediate pressure on her returning given Gorgi and Lisa are there.

I would like to see Carrie return in at least a part time capacity i.e. maybe start with 2 nights a week in a few months time?

Lisa: Sunday/Monday
Carrie: Tuesday/Wednesday
Gorgi: Thursday/Friday


Gorgi said on her social media a few weeks ago she is job sharing with Lisa Wilkinson and Carrie Bickmore… So l think when Carrie does return she will be doing part time until she is ready to return full time.


I think what the project has done really well though is build out a solid roster of talent on the desk so that the departure of any one individual won’t create a total disaster.


Digital billboards around Brisbane this afternoon are now reflecting a similar style to their updated social media headers with the image of the team on bikes, the Tagline “News Delivered Differently” has been localised for each billboard with the suburb name it’s located listed before News.


I agree I don’t actually think the show needs Carrie and possibly they could look at using her for another project on the network. Whether a weekly current affairs show or possibly a later night chat/news show at 9:30 with Tommy Little.



Who’s on The Project tonight? I’m assuming all women?


Friday -

Waleed hosting with Gorgi, Rove McManus and Jo Stanley.