The Project


I too was shocked when I found out…


see not all of us gay people are flamboyent and show off that we are gay some of us are dignfied


the two are not mutually exclusive


I know many people who are flamboyant and dignified. And even if they are not it shouldn’t matter. Be YOU.


Seriously wtf ? Dude… It’s all about being ourselves and showing pride Nothing wrong with that. Not for you to judge.


ok i will eat what i just said wrote and eat hamble pie . iam sorry for what i wrote and iam sorry for being judgemental


Flamboyant yet dignified above the desk.


Ok, why is this a talking point. What people do in their private lives - is private. We all have jobs, and personally I like to separate work/personal life. A persons job should not be based on their sexual preference, but on their experience and knowledge.
Isn’t this forum a discussion on media, ideas, thoughts et al?


I love Hamish :heart:


Those pins!


On Friday Carrie was asked on Twitter when she was returning to The Project she said-
“Once l work out how to do life with 3 Kids l should be good to go”


Monday -

Waleed is returning tonight.


Thank goodness


Good luck. My mum couldn’t work it out until I was 16. So that was a 10 year break from work.


Tuesday -
Natasha Exelby joining the team tonight.


She has already been very naughty with a Tash joke. :joy: Love her.


He’s sexy in speedos too :slight_smile:


Love Tash. It just kills me that 10 have nothing for her to do permanently.


Don’t they have some journalist vacancies? They could send her to LA to be US correspondent. Surely they can find something.


or even become a Foreign Correspondent.