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More info on the 'fake news" article that was published on 9 Honey.

(The tweet from 9 Honey has been deleted.)

This report from NewsCorp has more on the deceptive article. Showing a picture of Lisa with a baby and referring to a husband Peter but only reveling later that the subject of the article is someone else.


When are the media going to actually have consequences for misinforming the public? Can a public member sue a journalist for misinforming them?


New project promo just aired… interesting to say the least. Must be part of the new campaign. The entire team featured.


Is it this one?


I like it.


Turns out it’s the conviction against Cardinal George Pell (see separate thread for media coverage and religion discussion).


I think it was fairly obvious at the time, with a few of the newspapers trying to report what they could without specifically mentioning the case.

George Pell Convicted - Coverage Discussion


Interesting ad just aired promting Waleed reporting from Vietnam for the Trump-Kim summit, it featured very quick transitions with a big block italics font voiced by Lisa.




Friday -

Andrew Rochford hosting with Gorgi, Dave Thornton and Tommy Little.


Two comedians tonight? Who cancelled?


Hamish lapping it up at Mardi Gras


Where’s his girlfriend?


Who’s girlfriend?

Hamish is gay…


Natasha Exelby on the show Tuesday




Sunday -

Jan Fran is joining Tommy, Hamish and Lisa.